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Game Maker Games - Zombie World!
Zombie World! by Tomo Wood
Blast your way through 3 levels of flesh eating zombie madness as you complete your Post Mortem Animation Control Training. Unlock 6 devestating weapons each with varying capabilities. Fight an ever increasing number of zombies, battle the boss character and tackle the puzzle level!

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.07.21 pyrotoz
Rating: 6

Graphics are pretty bad and the gameplay has lots of glitches. However, this game was my direct inspiration for my old game Mountain Combat Extreme and for that reason I give this game a 6 instead of a 3.
2006.06.19 virus616
Rating: 4

Though this game was fun for the first five minutes, I realized how bad it was during the sixth minute. The sprite were poorly drawn, there was no animation, and it was hard to tell when you were about to collide with something. The difficulty in moving lead me to stand still and shoot, which turned out to be a good strategy as I soon found out. I hafta admit, It was fun using the beretta and watching five or six spirits fly away at once, and somewhat addictive.
Though the weapons were fun, I never saw anything different then the small pistol in the guy's hand and some of the weapon choice was really lacking (OK.... why is it easier to kill the zombies with a beretta than with a rocket launcher?).
Overall, if your looking for a good five minute quicky type of game I recommend this. Not more then five minutes should be spent playing this though, after that your brain might start to rot from bordom and you soon might turn into a zombie!
2006.05.27 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 6

Why are the graves twice the size of the zombies? Ultimate weirdnessness... ness....
2005.04.18 tjg92
Rating: --

That was weird... Very weird. Might want to fix that...
2004.09.21 consoft
Rating: 5

need better graphics...and multiplayer support.
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