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Game Maker Games - WordSmith
Review by Bitmappity
WordSmith is an extremely impressive game. If you've ever played and enjoyed Bookworm, this is a must download. If you've never played Bookworm, the concept is simple. You have boxes with letters in them. You have to click these boxes to connect them and form words. You can only connect them if they touch though, including diagnol. If you succesfully make a word, you can either press enter, or click a button, and the boxes will be destroyed, filling in with new ones, and you will earn a certain number of points depending on the number of dots on each box in your word, added together (Each dot is 110 points). But there are also some special boxes, which can be distinguished by their color. Certain boxes will multiply your score by a certain number. And another box, the red ones, are ones you want to get rid of. They come every three word, and spread to the four adjacent blocks around the other red ones. If your screen fills with these, it's game over. The four arrows on the sides of box grid, indicate which way the boxes will fall.

The graphics are nothing fancy, but well done. Smoke flies from the boxes as they explode, and small sparks fly from the red ones. Overall, a bit hard on the eyes if you play for a while, but good.

The value of this game is great.. if you're bored this is a nice fun puzzle game to play. And with a custom DLL with over 160,000 words, you can make some up and they may even exist. If you press F1, you get a nice help file which will explain everything nicely. Overall, if your a fan of word games, this is a great puzzler/strategy game thats I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Download WordSmith (EXE, ~1.28 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.05.24 -POOP Entertainment-
Rating: --

I tried to download your game and it said the 404 error thing. So try and fix your link so I can play your game.
2005.02.20 charlie1
Rating: 10

wow, this is great! i agree with GameMakinryan about putting a gmd version up. 10 from me
2004.11.06 GameMakinryan
Rating: 10

Definitely a wonderful game, excellent code structure, I hope he puts out the GMD version because this is phenominal
2004.07.19 Charlo
Rating: --

I like this game a lot, but it takes way too long to play if you're talented. I could spend over an hour playing just one game of this.
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