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Game Maker Games - VB: Virus Buster
VB: Virus Buster by Leke101 Games
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Review by Malaika
Well, I do have to say that when a game loads up with the message 'inspired by Megaman and Rayman', you can pretty much guess what sort of game you'll be playing. I did get thrown off when the main character was introduced as 'VB'... I thought I was playing a bottle of Victorian Beer... Too bad it was just a weird Rayman clone with strange hair...

VB: Virus Buster has a quasi-original storyline reminiscent of early eighties hacker movies, or Tron. You play as VB, on a mission to stop the evil doctor John Newman and his virus Triple X (too bad it wasn't XXXX... I could go for a Queensland brewed ale around now). The characters are designed with some level of originality, and there's some satisfaction in playing a wisecracking computer program with a mohawk. The game itself is story-driven, and the dialogue engine was done quite well. Although you can't skip dialogue entirely (which can become a bore) you can speed it up, which takes some sting off of the essentially boring banter of swathes of 'workers looking for their friends'.

The graphics were original, and were passable. Nothing too brilliant here. The animations were very slow, and there were a few collision checking issues, especially with jumping. Backgrounds were constantly filled, although I was never sure whether a box was a background image or a prop I needed to jump over. This cluttering created a problem. If the background images weren't so colourful, it wouldn't matter as much. I was also disappointed when I didn't see a beer anywhere.

Sound was also passable, and didn't consist of resource pack audio, for which I am forever grateful. The music was catchy but forgettable. Although no audio was original, they didn't get in the way.

So, with a quasi-interesting story, doable graphics and non-resource-pack audio, only the gameplay is left... And boy do I have issues with the gameplay... First off, its SLOW. Very... VERY slow. The intro cinematic can't be skipped (not even with the esc key, which I found out when the game closed and I had to sit through it all again), the main character moves slower than a Guinness pours, and it takes a good 10 seconds for VB to come down after he jumps in the air. Platformers are, at their most basic form, really boring, and to keep them interesting, a gamemaker must make them fast. Something has to be happening all the time. In VB, the only noticeable occurence is the refresh rate. The monsters in the game are also very easy to defeat, and you gain health powerups much too often. The other problem I had with it was the shooting. Bullets moved (literally) as slow as the player, and you had to be stationary to fire your gun. This makes manouvering not only difficult, but impossible. All in all, the gameplay was below par. Not too bad really, if it was ten times faster.

Now, I'm not saying VB: Virus Buster is a bad game. It's original, and it certainly gets kudos for that, but it just couldn't hold my attention. It became painful to play through the game. The whole problem would be fixed if it were faster, and maybe had some more options, like different guns and more enemies to blast. A good effort, for which a heavily reworked sequel would be in order.

Download VB: Virus Buster (EXE, ~4.54 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.12 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

let me get soemthing clear. On the drumset game the ONLY thing I did to help noobfarm was the animations. I did not even draw the original sprites. He gave me the sprites as they are and I animated them. THAT IS ALL. Ask noobfarm if you need confirmation. You will see once I release my own game what I am capable of.
2006.04.25 Maderick
Rating: 10

Damn it! you are my worst enemy Mooseyfates!
i checked out your games! it was the worst thing
i had ever played, well it was hardly a game!
2006.02.14 Mooseyfates
Rating: 3

I played it for 1 minute and did not like it. I do not mind if the graphics are done with paint. The game that I am creating will be with paint, but the slowness of the character jumping and moving needs work. If the gameplay was better I would give you a better rating. I like the talking at the begining though and if it is your first game it is good.
2005.04.10 alzable
Rating: 7

The game is slow on a 2.8 ghz prosseser! It is a nice game but needs some work. You should make a faster sequel - I look forward to it!
2005.04.09 Dr_baconman
Rating: 6

Well, yeah, so you fixed the link... I just finished it, and I'm sorry to say it wasn't quite '50 quid' material. The graphics, in the large, seemed to be done on the Paint program, the music, although I couldn't recognize it to be copied, was fair but didn't really carry the ambience of Cyberspace. The speed? Please. I don't want to say anything. The whole shooting thing was just as slow as the character. The backgrounds and tilesets also seemed to be of poor quality. I hate to say this, but the best points of this game were speech systems and guys with the last name Newman. Little Seinfeld there... Anyway, I'll be light on you; it's your first game, you're probably unsure of how to dig into the depths of gamemaking, and likely have little expierience working with 8-to-32-bit graphics, no offense. I assume all of these and gave you a 6. And that's all. Practice a bit and try to work with those graphics, yeah? I somewhat expect a better sequel.
2005.01.11 hb2
Rating: 8

great game, much better then your last game, this hows big improvement, it runs a bit slow on my old computer but it's still great, gfx were original, storyline original,. but i think the musci came from another game, overal this game rocks
2005.01.09 leke101
Rating: --

So sorry about that, try downloading it now. I fixed the link. It should work now.
2005.01.08 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Eh? I can't get this danged thing to download! It just shows some yellow text and nothin' else! Aww...
And I thought I'd get to play a good game for once...
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