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Game Maker Games - Tournament!
Tournament! by Chris Kolar
King Arthur is holding a tournament! He has forced the Blue and Red knight to an endless jousting fight, and you get to join the battle! You arethe Blue Knight, which in this kingdom is a lot of weight on your shoulders. The entire court wants you to win! Don't let them down :-) There are three styles to choose from: Joust, Block, Or Dismount. This is a medieval 'Rock Paper Scissors' in a sense. You can find out more in the Help File.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.24 populargaming
Rating: 1

What u said to fishy "Don't be an ass. It's like taking all of my work and flushing it down the toilet." Take it back. You did the same to graydon77222. So shut up!
2005.12.24 Paperjam
Rating: 8

well i say it is a very good mini game it is very addicting and deserves a higher rating i give it a 8out of 10
2005.12.15 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

Fishy i appreciate your comments, good or bad, but please do not tell people to stop playing my games. Don't be an ass. It's like taking all of my work and flushing it down the toilet. Let other people download it and be the judge for themself.
2005.11.25 fishykorps
Rating: 1

actually now that I have played it again, IT IS HORRIBLE, PEOPLE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!
2005.11.17 fishykorps
Rating: 7

no, Im just kidding, Ill rate it a 7
2005.11.13 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

Have fun with this, i tried to make it sort of addicting. It was actually one of my first games that i pulled out, dusted off, and completed.

(Sequel Coming Soon!)
2005.11.13 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

Actually i need to update this file, this one is a bit buggy.
2005.11.13 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

Okay its been updated. Sorry for all of the comments.
2005.11.13 fishykorps
Rating: 2

the game is quite good, I don't like the graphics alot though and I think you should add more stuff to the game
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