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Game Maker Games - Tom's Adventures
 Tom's Adventures by Virtanen
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Review by happysister
If you are looking for a well-made game, then my friend, you are in luck! Tomís Adventures is one of the best platform games I have played up to date.

The execution of this game is superb. It ran very smoothly, although slightly slowly on some levels. I didnít find any glitches or bugs at all. The graphics are very well done. It must have taken lots of time and lots of patience to finish them all.

In general the game has a feel not unlike Super Mario Bros 3. You have to travel through different worlds, each with its own levels and a boss to defeat. The levels themselves are ridiculously easy to get through, but then thatís only if you choose to run straight through without grabbing everything. What adds to the challenge is the fact that you can return to each level and look for hidden orbs or try to beat the record time. Doing so unlocks special bonuses in the museum such as artwork, music, and codes. That, and the shops and bonus game houses that you find on the map screen were very nice touches.

I have just a couple comments of criticism to make. First and foremost, I found the bosses to be too easy for my taste. I literally defeated the first boss in less than 2 secondsÖliterally. It happened so quickly, I thought I broke the game. The bosses you fight later on werenít that much harder either. The other thing that I think can use improvement is the music. I liked the sound effects, but most of the music could use a little more work in my opinion.

All in all, I give Tomís Adventures two thumbs up. The creator spent a lot of time working on this, and it shows. Itís not everyday you stumble across a well-made game, so download it now and give it a try.

Creator's note:
Once upon a time,
there was a land where everyone lived happily.
Until one day...
Evil lord Lucifer came to the town
and turned everyone into horrible monsters.

Now Tom has to beat the odds
and save his friends from the curse.

Tom's Adventures is an old fashioned platform game.
You jump between many different
worlds and curious places.

Download Tom's Adventures (EXE, ~1,72 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.13 The HammerHead
Rating: --

The controls were a little frustrating, but it's a fun game; and over all you did a really great job. Well done...
2006.10.04 Chaucer Games
Rating: 10

Wow. I just... wow. This is a truly amazing game. It is well designed, good graphics, nice sound, good bosses (although, I did think about smashing the computer after the eighteenth try on that fish boss), and some of the best music I have ever heard in a Virtanen game. Although Lucifer was perfectly thought out, It might be nice for a Tom 2 where Lucifer returns, but that's up to the author. Overall, a... *drum roll* TEN!
2006.09.04 cpc_kids
Rating: 8

I don't see why you gys don't like I think it's prety good the graphics were also perty good.

How do you you get past the fish?
2006.03.10 jmanjman47
Rating: 7

The game was alright. There was alot of positives and negatives. But clone? rating of 1-3? Thats crazy talk, you can tell this game was completely original. Good job.
2006.02.28 leungl
Rating: 8

Nice game. The music was a tad annoying though.

How do you pass that rock boss thing?
2006.02.22 Long_Sock_Silver
Rating: 1

This game cleary does not deserve more than a 2 or 3. Tops. The first thing I noticed while playing this game was the painful music. I wanted to kill myself before halfway through the first level.

This ringing bleeping scream has a length of roughly 8 seconds; at this point, the game freezes for maybe half a second. That half second was my best experince in Super Tom Bros. 3.

I also like that you gave yourself a 10. :D

Love, me.
2006.02.18 Jesus
Rating: 1

This game is absolutely horrible, the person who gave this an 8 should be banned from rating games for life. The music pains your ears, and it only lasts for about 5 seconds before ending then after about one more second it starts again, which can be very annoying. This really is just a rip-off of Super Mario Bros. 3 which shows Virtanen's lack of originality. I hope in the future games as bad as this one will have reviews that fit the game a little better.
2006.02.18 Yeare
Rating: 7

It was a pretty good game, but the sound was horrible and annoying. Pretty good overall though
2006.02.10 RICANJO
Rating: 9

A very good game. Did you perhaps base it on 'Super Mario Bros. 3'? =P
2006.01.30 NiCk HoMa GrOwN
Rating: --

Hi pls can anyone helped me im a noobie and i dont know how to put a link or URL can anyone helped me. PLSS. is no use if i make my game and u cant download it.pls email me at exodiadarkmaster@hotmail.com and the gamen looks nice i will try it :)
2006.01.23 Master of Illusions
Rating: 1

Robsta is right!
This is a big fat clone!
I know it because i have the game!
If it would exist i would give it a 0/10
2006.01.23 h3llgh45t
Rating: 3

When i read the editor review, i though this could be a good game but like alot of gamemaker games, this is very mediocre. First off, the graphics do not look very good. They use the ugly 'layers-around-the-edges' style of pixelation and everything looks 'new','toy-ish' and 'plasticy'. The sounds do not loop very well and the animations are jumpy. There were even some times when I was going up a hill and the character sprite didn't change. The tiling in this game are very ugly. They have no definig edges and sometimes even overlap.This game just sucks
2006.01.09 happysister
Rating: --

fixed the download link...somewhat. now it'll take you to the page on his site where you can download the game.
2005.08.16 Re_jex
Rating: --

your download link doesn't work, but I got it from your site. You shouldn't rate yourself.
2004.11.26 Oddwarg
Rating: 9

I really enjoyed playing this game.
It was not too hard and not too easy.(I almost lost all my lives once but only almost :) )
I like the way I had to beat times and stuff, without it being too hard. I played all the way to the credits.

There arent many GM games that take more than an hour to finish and are good, but this is one.

The graphics were really well done although I dont like the style too much.(thats just personal so it doesnt really matter)
The music fit the different places, although most of the midi's were a bit short and caused some hiccups, I liked them.
The sound, I didnt really notice it, and that means they fit the game. Not too many sounds and not too few.
The game was mostly stead, it seemed like you made your own engine.
That official GM platform example does, in my opinion, suck.
But... There was a glitch with the jumping which I used a lot to get to high spaces. There was always another way to get up to them though.(or maybe it was sorta ment to be that way?)
I am using my fast computer so I cannot judge wether the game has inefficient programming or efficient.

I noticed everything in this game is 'homemade', and that is a very good thing. Keep up the good work.
This game is definately a GM game.
2004.10.06 FooDude
Rating: 10

very very nice game, it deserves way more than a rating of 1/10!!!
2004.09.19 Seal
Rating: 8

I loved this game! Nice graphics, and effects!
2004.09.12 DF Team
Rating: 8

A little hard, but good! It was some slow at level 4...
2004.09.08 Robsta
Rating: 1

Thats not his game! he stole it. that was from the early 90's before gm even came out.
2004.09.08 Virtanen
Rating: 10

I made this game by myself.
If you play it,
you can see my name.

There might be a game with same name,
but not with same content(because I made everything in it).
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