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Game Maker Games - Thrust
 Thrust by Shawn64
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Review by tapeworm
Thrust is a lander-style game where you pilot a ship against the force of gravity. But far from being a copy of some other game or just another title in a genre, Thrust has plenty that makes it unique and worthy of attention.

The game has four areas, each of which has ten levels. You might just expect rearranged terrain in this type of game, but there is actually a lot of variety. Many of the the levels are very cleverly designed and quite a few are totally unique with effects that are not repeated elsewhere in the game.

Graphics throughout are clean and attractive. Particles, colors, and lighting effects are used very well. As for music, just one song plays through the entire game. The music doesn't really stand out, but it never becomes irritating. Sound effects are simple but always appropriate and sometimes used in subtle but effective ways.

Controls are very basic and designed in such a way that they can be mastered. In none of my many, many crashes can I really blame the game's mechanics. Which leads to the game's difficulty--this isn't a game to play when you're frustrated. Or when you don't want to become frustrated. I found Thrust extremely challenging. But when I wanted to give up, the quality of the game and knowing that later levels wouldn't be just more of the same kept me at it. There is an unlockable "hard mode," but I'm not sure how things can get much harder.

This is one of Shawn64's games that I can freely recommend. It lacks the violence of some of his other titles while being a prime example of the quality evident in many of his games.

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Opinions about Thrust

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.02 Cocoanuthead
Rating: 8

I think I am on the last level of portal becuase its naem is Shawn64. Not sure though. Wonderful game.
2006.07.06 Shadowstep
Rating: 8

Freakishly Hard! Just imagine hard mode! This game has good graphics though, thats 2 thumbs up!
2006.01.14 Concrete
Rating: 10

Alfador is right!Listen to him
2005.09.12 Alfador
Rating: 10

Oh come on! You people that have only got past the first couple of levels really must suck. I admit that it takes a little while to get used to the controls but from there it isn't too bad. I've beat the entire game now (just started on hard mode, same levels, more pearls) and can tell you that the first levels are nothing compared to the challenges that come later. If you're going to play this game then at least give it enough of a chance to play long enough so you master the controls. Practice makes perfect.
2005.01.13 black floyd
Rating: 7

freaking impossible. 30 characters, so blahblahblahblahblah
2004.12.28 halofrteak1331
Rating: 1

Minimum 30 charactersMinimum 30 charactersMinimum 30 charactersMinimum 30 charactersMinimum 30 charactersMinimum 30 characters
2004.12.23 Feet First
Rating: 7

Very very hard, man this is so dam hard. Navigating that dam ship is way to hard. I made it to stage 5 of Caves which kinda takes away the whole point of the highscore table which requires you to finish a level. But I really liked the graphics and the game was pretty good.
2004.04.13 Axle the Beast
Rating: --

Well, very good game, but WAY too freaking hard.
Fitting, and very nice. 10/10
Good, nothing great, but nothing bad. 10/10
Now this game takes a few hits. Its fun, challenging, and has very cool levels, or so I've heard. Because I've never gotten past Section2 of the caves (First level)! I played another game like this, but IT has a sort of strafing ability. This.. this is way to hard. 5/10
Pretty good, but I'm not really a massive fan. I'll keep it around and hopefully I'll eventualy beat it. 5/10
2004.04.05 AndyG
Rating: --

VERY VERY hard... but soo dam fun
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