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Game Maker Games - -The Underwords -
-The Underwords - by Morphosis Enter-Active
The Underworlds is a card battle game. It's very simple to play and is suitable for ages 10 and up. Basically you have 25 cards each with its own strength. Your enemy, the computer, also has 25 cards. They place their cards up and from your hand of cards you must defeat theirs.

- Different round selections
- Different environments to play in
- Easy game play
- Nice soundtrack

Have Fun :)

Download -The Underwords - (EXE, ~11 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.13 Quack_Kills
Rating: 9

Great game, but it needs some more tactics.
2006.11.27 h2ocolor
Rating: 6

well, the graphics were really good (they were original, right?) except for one thing: there were so many prefabricated 'effects' that you used. It seemed very professional except for that. Also I liked the wavy/water drop effect when you attack, but it seemed overused, especially since you are trying to play fast; it was always on screen.

So, generally it was good, but the game was a bit repetitive to play for very long.
2006.08.19 Paul
Rating: 2

Awsome graphics
Petty the game is just pick a higher number than the one shown to you.
2006.03.26 _Player2_
Rating: 1

47 sec download?
well, I guess that is good for 10MB.
Good game?
I hated it!!!
2006.01.23 Ouchy1
Rating: 9

I think you mean onderworlds, not underwords. but this game gets a 9 b/c it rocks!
2005.12.03 Re_jex
Rating: --

ooh sounds good. I think I played this along time ago.. Takes along time to download though.
2005.10.26 nota1ot
Rating: 10

I am about to add you to my 'Favourites' list. And only Essence Child has made that so far!
2005.06.04 Counter-Strike-
Rating: 10

That game was made with hard work and i admire that.
exellent graphics.
exellent gameplay.
It's the only type of battle card game thats based in the medeval period that i have seen.
Good job - 10!
2004.12.20 warpped655
Rating: --

it was kinda basic the grafix were professional tho... but it was all basicly luck... or i missed something
2004.12.02 ruhtrA
Rating: 10

Holy hamburgers!
This is one of those good games where u can play them for more than 1 year and still like it.
2004.11.30 krossfire
Rating: 10

Darn, you never cease to amaze me !

It's simple : each porfessionally done game gets a 10 !
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