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Game Maker Games - The Army of Darkness Version 1.1
The Army of Darkness Version 1.1 by Vlad Stoiculescu (Kro$$fire)
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Review by Malaika
he Army of Darkness begins with a stirring backstory, with the player taking leadership of the nations of Earth, in order to fight against an evil alien power, called the "Dark Empire". A long time ago this was the first race to rule our planet. And now they have come back to take revenge... Bum Bum BAH... Great isn't it? The only problem with it is the game that it's packaged with.

TAOD starts promising but once you start to play, you will immediately notice a few problems. First of which are the higgledy-piggledy graphics. The buttons and units are quite well done but donít really fit in with the buildings and the trees. The mix of isometric objects and non-isometric objects is especially distracting, and gives the whole game an air of a half-hearted job.

I do have to say, of the many games I've reviewed, TAOD isn't a TOTAL let-down with sound. Not because it's GOOD. There's no ingame music (but a rather nice intro midi...) and sound effects are resource pack sounds. But there ARE sounds, which is a welcome change from the norm. The use of resource pack sounds were also quite effective, but again, gave the impression of a lazy job.

There are many things that get in the way of enjoying the game, and the game play is another. The scrolling speed was way too slow, you canít select units by clicking on them, the movement of the units doesnít look realistic, enemy AI is VERY limited... I could probably go on for a while about the problems here. The mixed-bag graphics and resource-pack sound would be forgivable if the gameplay was enjoyable. However, unless you think cutting your fingernails with a chainsaw is enjoyable, TAOD disappoints again.

The concept of The Army Of Darkness is good, and the storyline is quite heart-pumping. There aren't a lot of RTS games in the archive, and of those there aren't a great deal of good ones. TAOD, unfortunately, doesn't stray from the pack. Kro$$fire had the opportunity to score a real ĎGame Maker-hití with this game, but the lazy graphics and audio, coupled with plain horrible gameplay, destroyed any chance of that. The presence of an installer didn't help matters, and wasn't even really necessary. By fixing up the inconsistencies in visuals and audio, and adding some decent gameplay, TAOD would stand tall with the big-boys. However, as it is now, I find it almost unplayable.

Thanks Cysion for the first Draft review!

Download The Army of Darkness Version 1.1 (EXE, ~2.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.19 God666
Rating: 9

Your game is cool I love it maybe you can help with my new game WW3:faces of evil

Your games rock and jim sucks he uses sprites from other games(I found out by searching on the net)
2006.06.16 Maderick
Rating: 5

Yes, yes I am, by the way
are you going to make another,
if you check your other games I am no
fan of Demention or Knights tornament but
this is okay!
2006.06.15 krossfire
Rating: --

Weird man...really weird.

I won't go into this since I've passed through these pages while ongoing my college preparation. Weirdly, I don't feel the desire to make games anymore, although I had lots of projects on role. This is why I'm considered to be retired since 2005, and this is why you won't receive any more krossfire material to comment upon.
2006.04.26 Maderick
Rating: 10

This game is pretty good, everyone else is being
mean, but they cannot make any better, can we team
up? i cannot make games without a buddy to help!
2006.04.19 krossfire
Rating: --

At least someone is impartial...
2006.03.30 tomatoeworm
Rating: --

jmanjman, you say this game sucks, well, i just said the same about yours, you used sprites you didnt even draw in your games. Dont call someone a noob, when they can call you one back. :)
2006.02.13 krossfire
Rating: --

What can I say jman ? This game sucks...because of people like you I've quit trying to brign some originality into GM. Look at your bloody forum post for isntance, and than make unfounded comments you blatant retard !
2006.01.23 jmanjman47
Rating: 2

Yeah, this game sucks. Krossfire acts very noobish.
2005.09.20 krossfire
Rating: --

It has both sound and music...and look at your creations at times !
2005.09.08 wobe_studios
Rating: 3

If you have ever intended to be rated an 8 or 9 ,
you would consider adding a bit of sound.
The controls are old fashion and buggy
and the story is just another one ...
I'll give it a 2.5 because i'm in a good mood.
2005.08.11 krossfire
Rating: --

You know what I really hate though...that handicaps like Gamerater, Counter-Strike, and jmanjman never finished the first level...which can tick off pretty many gamers...the boat and vehicle levels have never been tried...
2005.07.26 krossfire
Rating: --

I've noticed the enourmous amount of games you've enriched us with jmanjman...I guess you're just like the other cretinoids who gave no time to this game. Read my post or at least reads the reviews...
2005.06.24 jmanjman47
Rating: 2

The Game just plan sucks. I hate it. BOOOO. but I guess a effort was made.....
2005.05.28 Counter-Strike-
Rating: 2

wow.. that was pretty bad..
Music 1/10 repeats way to much
sounds 0/10 almost none
grafics 4/10 they where ok.
over all game play 2/10 boring.
well good effort anyway
2005.04.26 krossfire
Rating: --

Download..and fell the magic !
2005.04.25 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Oi, quit rating your own game, you! Chances are that you made it seem better than what it was...
OK... downloading now.... WHAT? You expect me to INSTALL this thing? From the Staff Review, I dare to reitterate: Not worth the time and/or effort.
2005.04.08 krossfire
Rating: --

This game got a 9.0 staff rating on one of my old web-sites.

What do I understand from this ?

The reviewrs of this web-site are a sample of verticality ! Thanks guys ! (I'm serious)

P.S : I promise T.A.O.D 2 will be worth playing !
2005.01.14 dragostisi
Rating: 8

ok, so it isn't that bad . I finished it and it's better than most gm games. still , the selection is not very good, nor the movement, but you get used to it. the units sprites are too real & the story... that's about all the good things about it . so play it .
2005.01.14 krossfire
Rating: 9

Thanks dude, and especially thanks for finishing it. Most people consider the first mission a a bunch a of crap. The mission is not representative, however!
2004.12.19 krossfire
Rating: 10

Let me guess, you :

-haven't passed the first mission, where you can actually finish every 'commander stirker' on the map
-haven't seen the nautical levels
-definetly haven't read the help file !
2004.12.15 Gamerater
Rating: 1

Oh my god. This game Is such a load of crap.
Graphics-5 A 5 fo effort
sound-0 Their is like. NO SOUND
controll- 2 So N00bish
Gameplay- -1234556645355654. Stinks so bad u cant even attack enimies.
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