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Game Maker Games - The Adventures of Pumpkin Toes
The Adventures of Pumpkin Toes by Charlie Carlo
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Review by Mocha Man
Charlie Carlo, the man responsible for this game, claims to be an aspiring artist. In that regard, The Adventures of Pumpkin Toes is a winner. It is evident even from the screenshot that whoever worked on this game has a talent for drawing, especially in this sort of classic arcade style. Indeed, when surrounded with such unified, dynamic, crisp and attractive graphics, the standard Game Maker particle effects in this game look like Velveeta on a Kobe Beef sandwich.

The game itself is a standard platform game in which "Pumpkin Toes" seeks breakfast. Pumpkin Toes looks like a cross between a pegasus, a llama, and a bat, and can spit to defend itself from enemies or to forge a way through some pieces of terrain in the level. I would say the main interest in this game lies in the general art direction, particularly in the bizarre creatures you encounter throughout the game. Some of them make noises like Chewbacca stuck in a tanning booth when you kill them.* While playing, I really wished Charlie Carlo would dig deeper into his mind of random creatures and make a much wider variety of them. Or any variety, really: each world of this game only contains one kind of enemy and one boss. I also wished that the game difficulty had a little more balance. Often, as the enemies behave apparently at random, you are forced to attack them at close proximity and hope that they don't attack back in time.

Some other observations: The music sets a nice mood for the first seven or eight loops, and then starts to eat away at your soul, as each loop is a few seconds long. The gameplay mechanics are solid, not buggy. The level design is not exciting, for the most part, although there are a couple interesting places (such as a place where your key will actually unlock a deadly pit in the ground).

In summary, play this game if you want to destroy yaks with your spit.

* I will now observe keenly that this is the second review in a row where I have made a Star Wars reference. I don't know what that says about me, Star Wars, or Charlie Carlo. Interestingly, the enemies that sound like Chewbacca are called "Yakattacks." At the risk of dating myself, I'm pretty sure Yakattack was the name of an awesome toy in the 1990s that would record a few seconds of audio and play them back.

Creator's description:

Play as the mythical creature Pumpkin Toes on the ultimate quest for breakfast.

Controls explained in game.

Download The Adventures of Pumpkin Toes (EXE, ~12.6 MB )

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2010.09.17 SketchMan3
Rating: --

It's actually called "Yak Bak"
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