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Game Maker Games - Ted's Adventure 1 Remake
Ted's Adventure 1 Remake by Stevenup7002
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Review by Yellow Monkey
Sometimes a bad game can actually be entertaining due to the creatorís charm and uniqueness that he or she injects into the game, such as the Johnny Series by Sparlatacus. However that spirit isnít there with Tedís Adventure 1 Remake. In fact the game is a disaster.

At first glance TAOR may appear to be platformer, and while thatís true in a sense, TAOR has a noticeable absence of any gravity. You can move in any direction you like, notwithstanding Ted is being responsive. The game takes place over six levels, climaxing at a not-so-epic battle where Ted must avoid Joey. After you defeat Joey you are treated to a ripped fireworks example. Each level has a different layout of blocks, and one of two backgrounds. Your objective in each level is to reach a rainbow surfboard with a smilie face on it, while avoiding bananas (donít monkeys like bananas?), pizza, and the occasional evil monkey.

The graphics are all extremely primitive, and in some areas downright-awful. I would suspect that a kindergartener could do better at drawing sprites. Not only were the sprites bad but they were reused many times, which is simply unacceptable considering their quality. There is one positive, and that is that they are all original and all fit together, but thatís like serving someone some original Ďall-naturalí crap.

Sound also isnít a high point in TAOR. While most of the sounds and music are easy enough on your ears, theyíre all ripped. The sounds are from the Game Maker resource pack and the song is one of four ripped Mario pieces, depending on the level. That said, they go excellently with the graphics, and both share a similar caliber of quality.

There are simply no redeeming qualities about TAOR. The graphics are bad, the sound and music is awful, and the gameplay is terrible. To top it all off, thereís absolutely no replay value. I would avoid this title at all costs.

The Creator Wrote:
Remember the classic game of teds adventure, alot of people thought it was stupid. the graphics, the music, the levels. Everything, I have made a remake of this game (with permission of course) There are more levels (including the originals). There's more music (from other various adventures), And even! More enemys. most of the credit should go to tedfuzz as this game wouldnt exist without his monkey!


Download Ted's Adventure 1 Remake (EXE, ~0.95 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Ted's Adventure 1 Remake

Overall: not recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.31 AkiraTT
Rating: --

Wow that review is sick :p
Didn't play the game because the review was fun enough..
2006.03.17 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: --

I wouldn't even rate this as high as 1. I couldn't even get the charecter to move properly! Even my first ever game is better than this!
2006.02.05 Rather_Cool_Games
Rating: 1

rotten as roadkill, still it is not to different from sheep in space (mine) but mine is still way cooler

deserves 1/2
2006.01.23 jmanjman47
Rating: 3

hahahahahah You make me look like a GM expert. I hope you do practice a little more before you release anymore games. I hope you at least tried, so thats why I'll give you a 3. Keep working though.
2005.12.24 Fr3ak Sh0t
Rating: 7

Thats fun. Its replay value isn't that great but original idea funny and decent graphics and only a couple of things that bothered me. Anyway, even though its got some flaws, this person could really get really good at making games with just a little practice. I give it a 7!
2005.12.21 Grix
Rating: 1

Congratulation!!! You got the lowest rank ever!!!!!!!!
2005.12.21 tedfuzz
Rating: --

I would just like to say that I did not help make this game.

2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: --

I dont want to download this game, not at my PC. What I can see and read is enough. I hope you can make better games, stevenup7002. I donīt want to give points.
2005.12.19 Kenogu
Rating: --

That's right, stevenup; shift the blame.
And GamerHippo7 is probably just someone in his 'clan' trying to get some publicity.
2005.12.19 LunchRush
Rating: --

A little FYI: If your computer has WebSense, you can't get the game.
2005.12.19 angel_of_darkness
Rating: 1

Wow thats sad. not for tf for you his was his 5th game you know better(i hope) also even with permision don't do remakes there just lame. and next time try and amp it up so the people thatv play it don't think your a little kid. also change the mask next time so hes got better checking and smothe over the movement...alot. also theres only one cap in this becuase thats all you desurve. just be happy its not in noobish.
2005.12.18 dagwaging
Rating: 1

Umm... since when have 5 year old kids started using Game Maker?
2005.12.18 Vance_Kimiyoshi
Rating: 1

This guy isn't a 'kid,' most likely. I'd guess maybe 12-13, and slow, but not a kid by any means.
2005.12.18 GamerHippo7
Rating: --

You simply MUST go to his website X-FREAKIN-D

2005.12.18 stevenup7002
Rating: --

Please, before you review a remake will you actually take a look at the game: http://tfgames.com/games/S_ADVENTURE.zip

I actually agree with your ratings, this game was pretty terrible, but actually just a tad better than the original. I strongly suggest that you look at the original, this isnt really embarrasing for me, its more embarrasing for TF. To have a remake made of your 5th game, which is slightly better? and it gets a 1.8/10 now thats more embarrasing for TF than me, Congratulations Ted, you've officially gotten the lowest staff rating along side that other game which I forget the name

2005.12.18 Desert_Games
Rating: --

hey im 11 and im not crap so dont dought the youth!!!!!!
2005.12.17 GamerHippo7
Rating: 8

aww.... how old is the creator? It's nice to know that kids even younger than me are getting into game maker! Hoorah Mr. Overmars ^ ^ I give it a 8 because I love to see little kids make games, and also because I think this won the lowest score ever!..... maybe.. good job kiddo! Keep working!
2005.12.17 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 1

Maybe you should practice a little... A lot more before you release any more games...
2005.11.24 fishykorps
Rating: 6

this game is actually quite fun, the movement is a bit crappy and it has no music but overall this game is quite good
2005.11.20 blah
Rating: --

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