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Game Maker Games - Techno the Hedgehog
Techno the Hedgehog by TechnoSuperguy
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Review by happysister
Now, usually when I see fan games, I tend to think sarcastically, “Great…that one looks like a lot of fun.” Let’s be honest. Fan games are usually poorly made. Ripped sprites everywhere. Borrowed music from the game it was made after. And more times than naught, really buggy gameplay. Don’t get me wrong. There are really awesome fan games out there. They are just really rare. Is Techno the Hedgehog one of the rare ones, or is it one of the noob ones?

Well, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. This is a Sonic fan game. All the graphics were ripped from Sonic games. The music is from Sonic games and the Sonic SatAM cartoon. The gameplay resembles that of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Gameplay is also buggy. Sounds like a typical fan game, right? Kind of unoriginal and lots of room for improvement.

What is buggy about the gameplay, you ask? Well, the first thing I noticed (which probably isn’t a bug really) is the fact that Techno is a wuss at jumping. In the real Sonic games, Sonic gets plenty of air when he jumps, usually more than needed, but Techno gets the bare minimum of what you need to make it from one ledge to another. Some jumps that should have been simple were rather difficult to make because of this. Speaking of jumping, Techno doesn’t know how to take a running leap off of downward slopes. He just kind of trips over his feet. If you’re on a downward slope, you have to come to a complete stop before jumping. And speaking of running, when you depress the directional keys, Techno just stops dead in his tracks. No slowing to a stop like in the real Sonic games after a bit of a jog, just a sudden halt of movement. Weak. There were a couple other things about the programming that I thought could’ve been done better, but those were the things that stuck out to me the most.

As I stated before, all the graphics are ripped from Sonic games, which I thought was fine, seeing the kind of game this was supposed to be. But did the creator have to use such large enemy sprites? Most of the “small” enemies in this game were not-so-small mini bosses from Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. To top it off, the game has a widescreen view that doesn’t give you much vertical space, so it felt rather congested at times with those big enemies flying out at me. I also thought that the level designs were, for the most part, bland and extremely short. Granted, I didn’t take the time to look for everything in each level, but still. They were super short! There was only one level that I thought was rather creative (the Semi Final Boss), but the unpredictable nature of your target made it such a pain to have to go through.

Ok, so I’ve said a lot of negative things about the game so far, haven’t I? Makes it sound like I think the game is a piece of poop, doesn’t it? To be honest, it wasn’t really that bad. Sure, the bugs and faults annoyed me to bits, but there was one aspect of the game that made me want to play it all the way to the end. The cut scenes. They were probably the best part of the game. In fact, I think the story and cut scene quality was much better than the rest of the game’s quality. That’s why I played this whole game through to the end. I wanted to see all the cut scenes. Also, other things I thought were nice additions were the secret cheat codes that you get only after beating the game, not to mention a number of “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout the game.

So all in all, I think this game has a lot of potential. It just needed more work put into it. I hear that the creator is making a sequel to this game. I look forward to seeing it and hope that it will prove to be a much better game.

Download Techno the Hedgehog (EXE, ~4.6 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.08.02 user_ferai
Rating: 7

A decent platformer, but it doesn't quite capture the fast paced feel of sonic. A few funny moments though, and worth a play through. The last boss is a doozy though.
2006.12.17 E.B
Rating: 9


[b]very[/b] addictive.

Is that engine yours? Cos it's pretty damn solid. The only problem was that Techno moved a little fast-it made it difficultish to jump on platforms and such.

Other than that, great game! 9/10!
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