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Game Maker Games - Super Human Cannonball
 Super Human Cannonball by forev
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Review by Quimp
Super Human Cannonball is the follow-up to Human Cannonball by neverest. The expression follow-up was used because SHC should be considered like an expansion rather than a remake. The heart of the game is literally the same: you are a stuntman who is given several stunts to perform while being shot out of a cannon. To execute your stunts correctly, you must adjust your cannon's speed meter and angle before launching. Once you are thrown in mid-air, prepare for the worst and hope for the best; if you were precise enough and didn't forget to take the wind factor in account, you will land safely on the crash mat. The opposite scenario is however also possible: any mistake, even the smallest, will lead to serious injuries.

Thankfully, the Good and the Bad can team up to your advantage for extra points and a brand new vision on the game play. If you think you master the game because you can carefully land on the crash mat with all your teeth remaining, think twice! The levels are designed in such a way that you can use ambient elements to gain splatter points while still being able to complete the levels.

After metaphorically referring to the Good and the Bad, you may expect me to talk about the Ugly, but I can't because there is nothing of the sort. The graphics and effects are excellent although not extremely varied. In the same vein than the original version, the visuals were designed with simplicity in mind. The arcade feeling is sparkling all over the levels and the atmosphere is present.

What makes this game different from Human Cannonball is the depth and attention given to the game play. Admittedly, Human Cannonball was only a mini-game, thus it is to be expected that a full game has much more to offer. The initial game had several flaws which are now, for the most part, corrected. The most important drawback was the short living of the game: technically, there were too few levels to keep you coming back for more. With the edit were born a well designed set of levels, play modes, secrets to unlock and a smoother game flow. Other improvements include a slower power meter, changes in the controls and a new ability to turn your stuntman into a sack of flour for a more gentle experience.

Although all the pieces that were modified have been enhanced with brilliance, there are certain things that are still bothering me. In this game of precision where the physics are exaggerated for additional fun, the static wind turns out to be a nuisance - a trouble that will make the difference between a good and a bad performance in career mode. My suggestion to the creator is to make the air's force and direction smoothly vary so players can wait until they find a favourable time for the launching. Also, even though there are more levels, I miss the ability to create my own levels and play others'. Lastly, while the online high scores are indeed a great feature, they would be more useful if they worked. Offline high scores would have been a good addition, after all they are easy to implent... and they are reliable!

Overall, Super Human Cannonball is a great arcade game with a professional touch that will not disappoint you. Just like the original, it takes seconds to learn and hours to master, making it an ideal time killer. If you liked Human Cannonball, you will love the expansion for the new material it has in stock.

The creator wrote:
As a promising dare-evil, you must take to the air and judge power, angle
and wind speed/direction, in order to complete an elaborate array of stunts.
Of course each stunt you complete earns you points, but heres the twist, you
can also earn 'splatter points'. So if you miss your target, do it with style!
The more spectacular, the more points!

Download Super Human Cannonball (EXE, ~4.80 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.11.06 snowyowl
Rating: 10

Wait, they didn't make this a spotlight already? Huh. Anyway, bonus points for the secrets. Except that in one of the bonus levels, the room is only about 700 metres long; go further than that and you fall off :) Be careful about that.
2006.08.19 ZombieGames
Rating: 8

this game is tricky have to get things just right but some how its very addicting.
nice blood as well.
2006.08.19 Arkei
Rating: 7

This was a really fun game. But it really frustrated me after a while. I can't fly through a loop, break through 3 boxes, and bounce on a wall mat, bounce on a trampoline and land in a pool!
2006.08.18 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

Quite entertaining, but I agree it should have more levels or a level editor. I like the fact that it's sort of a chain reaction... like The Incredible Machine mixed with something arcadey. Great game.
2006.08.18 Re_jex
Rating: --

I can't wait to play it! I still have Human Cannonball on my computer!
2006.05.21 mulliganmaster
Rating: 10

I like the game, but it errored out when I tried to submit my score.... Still worth the download....
2006.04.24 mattrixmatt
Rating: 9

Cool game, but could do with more levels
2006.04.19 Radnom Games
Rating: 9

Awesome. I love this game. Fun, fun fun. Professional-ish too.
2006.02.12 mulliganmaster
Rating: 9

Fantastic New Idea... The only flaw I found was there was no more levels to play. I'm not sure if Game Maker can allow a level editor, this game would be perfect for it....
2006.02.10 omnimedium
Rating: 10

gory, funny, amusing, entertaining, nice graphics, good features. bwhahaha!
2006.02.09 spoobaloo_games
Rating: 7

very well made game but you should make more levels, great unlockables
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