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Game Maker Games - Super Bash Bros Ultimate
Super Bash Bros Ultimate by MDS Games
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Review by Jabberwock
When Super Smash Brothers was originally released, it was a smash hit, and since then it's had many successors, official and otherwise. In particular I've seen quite a few such games attempted with Game Maker, some decent, some terrible, but Super Bash Bros Ultimate is one of very few I've ever seen completed; that alone says something about the author's dedication and in turn the quality of the game.

The gameplay is fairly elementary Mario-style platforming, except with two players and a rather annoying control setup. Essentially, You jump on each other and collect and use a variety of fairly typical (with the exception of one or two slightly stranger ones) Mario items. It's nothing stellar, but there are very few bugs, and just so long as you have someone to play against it can be a lot of fun. Besides the main game, there's also a wide variety of unlockable minigames, some of which are fun, others of which are sort of boring.

It's really the quest for unlockables that's the driving force of the gameplay in this game, especially if you have no one to play against; fortunately, there are quite a few of them, from the aforementioned minigames to maps and characters.

The graphics and sound are ripped, so you'd expect them to be consistent; unfortunately that's not the case, as they're ripped from several different Mario games whose styles all differ. I'm not a big fan of ripped graphics to begin with, so for me this was a real turnoff. Just because it's a Mario game, doesn't mean you can't be original with it.

At first glance, this game seems hardly worth the trouble of downloading; however, under the game's rather flawed exterior is a solid core engine (with support for two players to boot, something I've found to be unfortunately pretty rare among Game Maker games), and if you can look past the fact that this is yet another Mario clone with ripped media, you just might be able to have some fun with it.

Download Super Bash Bros Ultimate (EXE, ~1.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.09 Sci-Fi Knux
Rating: 8

Great, except that the controls are a little hard and that the "classic" mode isn't anything like the classic.
2007.06.20 Astin
Rating: --

Having complete and utter respect for MDS-Games and the help he has given me I have decided to set up a permanent mirror on my webserver for those who are struggling to download it.


Thanks for all the help you gave me in the past :D I hope this more than covers it.
2007.06.06 rahkshi911
Rating: --

i cant unlock anymore characters, stages, ????, or minigames, please help me find them all
2006.12.20 Echo
Rating: --

ehh... can u email it to me jabberwock?

my acc is zachary885@hotmail.co.uk
2006.12.19 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Okay. I've uploaded it on my 64digits account; if the author takes issue with that he can upload it elsewhere himself.
2006.12.11 Echo
Rating: --

err could you mabye you know fix it now...?
2006.11.28 Echo
Rating: --

k could you let me know when youve fixed it pm me or something
2006.11.26 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Believe it or not, we're very busy people. We aren't ignoring the error reports, but there are tons of error reports queued up right now, so sometimes we don't notice particular ones. I'll try to create a mirror later.
2006.11.19 Echo
Rating: --

i have the same problem ive sent 4 eror reports
honestly you'd think they ignore them!!
2006.11.10 Lava
Rating: 8

This game is smooth,I liked it a lot but you could make the special an item that any other character cant get/use,Otherwise addictive.
2006.11.10 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Anyone else feeling a bit nippy?
Because I believe the website is frozen.

Hopefully this game will break the ice and arrive on my hard drive, because it sure as shoot sounds fun.
2006.11.05 Mantis
Rating: --

Could you find a better host for the download? It seems to have stopped working.
2006.11.04 piggybankvillan
Rating: 9

I played this game probably before all of you...
2006.10.29 MDS-Games
Rating: --

Ouch... I expected a bit better rating for my game. bwt, I apologize for the control set-up, because I know that most people have a problem with it. Anyway, thanks for all your comments guys.
The download from my site should work fine, it's just a little slow because it's the cursed freewebs(augh!).
2006.10.27 Samhatis Hero
Rating: 7

Good game! I like the Classic Mode, but the gameplay isn't like the real Mario Bros games ... And it's hard to control! XD

Note : To download the game, you must get it from the site!
2006.10.26 pure-gamer XD HELL YEAH!!
Rating: 5

AGHHHH NOOOO IT SAYS FILE NOT FOUND! well i am a HUGE fan of SSB and Brawl is coming ut soon! ( once it does and u read this post it will seem like something ancient XD )
2006.10.23 Superaj127
Rating: 9

I find this game to be very entertaining! I like how there are lots of unlockables to, well, unlock, to make the game more fun. I hope other people can follow this example and actually finish a SSB game!
2006.10.22 Sharkboy
Rating: 6

This game is ok. I think it could have been made to be better though, like giving all the characters at the start insted of 'unlocking' them. I just found it a bit boring after 5 mins.
2006.10.21 jormos
Rating: --

I would play it but...

'Not Found' WTF!?!?
2006.10.21 Radnom Games
Rating: 9

I think I preferred the original Super Bash Bros (being one of the first GM games I ever downloaded, and it was so professional!) but this is an improvement in every way.
2006.10.20 game_devil
Rating: 7

I played this for some years ago and i forgot to comment. Very good game.
2006.10.19 Ouchy1
Rating: --

um... the download isnt working.... ive read reviews and this game sounds really good!
plz rehost!
2006.03.29 Mostis
Rating: 7

The mini-games were incredibly hard, but very clever. The controls are very hard to master also for all games. The graphics were great, because most of them were obviously ripped. The music was good enough to like for the first 3 minutes, but after that it gets a little obnoxious. Again on the minigames, you should really consider making those a little easier. I literally tried 1,000s of times on the Yoshi one, and 100s on the 'classic'. This is the sole reason why you get a 7 instead of a 10. But the 2p was good, I like.
2006.01.23 toyyoda2
Rating: 10

Excellent 2 player game! I don't play the minigames much, but the VS. mode is so fun with so many levels and so many power ups... I wish I could make a game as good as that. Good job!
2005.08.13 MDS-Games
Rating: --

The sound of the music changes with differen't sound cards since it's midi, so you just have either a bad sound card or yours is special and makes midi's sound differen't than they do on my computer (I have Microsoft Wavetable, or whatever XP comes with).
2005.08.12 ReapiredPots
Rating: 8

This game is pretty nice. Although I wish the music was a little better but other than that .. It was excellent!!
2005.08.10 MDS-Games
Rating: --

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I JUST FIXED THE PROBLEM WITH THE SECOND MINI GAME, so you'll have to download it again. Sorry about that. You can still keep your SBBU.sav file though, so you don't have to start over again with the unlocking.
2005.08.09 Astin
Rating: 7

Super Bash Brothers Ultimate –REVIEW-


The difference between this and real Mario is that when you get hit you don’t have to start from the beginning, you simply just lose a life until they are gone and then you start again from the beginning. Apart from that the gameplay is the same as the originals and that is what counts. The multiplayer never ceases to entertain and it is this feature that I am sure will blast this game into stratosphere next to Johnny, hardhat and all the other Gamemaker legends.


Sounds and music

The sounds are all very marioish and although were ripped from Mario others were made by MDS and they fit into the game perfectly.



What would Mario be without bright cartoony graphics. This game contains just that and they somehow look a lot better in this game than in the originals



The menus are perfect. I liked everything about them and the way that they all look like the ones from SSB just like was intended.



This game is brilliant. The 2 player is where this game really shines and I am sure that anybody who uses Gamemaker cannot ignore this game and if they do the they don’t know what they are missing…

4/5 – A nicely made game that will appeal to any fan of Mario…

Reviewed by… Astin Howell
2005.08.07 zane_attack
Rating: 10

This is one of my favorite games! Its in my list with all the other good games, like Seiklus!
2005.08.06 Cregan
Rating: 10

The controls are a little hard but other than that, Well made!
2005.08.06 Pie_4
Rating: 8

this game is pretty good, but nothing like smash bros cus u cant duble jump or trriple jump. i found a different game where u can, but it only has 3 levels...
2005.08.05 Erathoniel High Elf
Rating: --

I can't get either to work, could you help me (pm me) about how to use the SaveFile thing or get another host than freewebs? Thanks.
2005.08.05 Game Fortress
Rating: --

I love this game! its very clean cut, and it brings the element of fun that SSBM had, in a whole new presentation. and all the unlockables make me want to keep playing
2005.08.05 the_coronel_rez
Rating: 9

9 of 10- rez

greatness is in this game!
2005.08.05 jmanjman47
Rating: 9

Alwsome game dude, keep it up!
2005.08.05 Tallgeese41
Rating: 9

Pefect But would be a 10 if it had single player fighting
2005.08.05 mrjeffguy
Rating: 9

Very nice, love the unlockables which keeps you playing the game when you dont have nayone to play against. awesome game!
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