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Game Maker Games - SUB ZERO!!!!
Review by happysister
Sub Zero is a side scrolling shooter game where you command an old submarine sent out on a mission to stop terrorists. On the way, you must go up against enemy subs and ships that try to put an end to your journey.

This game is a very simple side scrolling shooter. Let me repeat, VERY simple. (No offence intended to the creator of the game.) I must admit, I didn’t find much of a challenge in it at all. There weren’t enough enemies in the levels for my taste, and those that were there were too easy to defeat. Every once in a while you would come upon a single mine. Just one. Never a field of mines, or even a group of mines. It was always only one. That seemed awkward to me, but oh well. The submarine moved rather slowly too. I couldn’t shoot half the enemies that came after me because I couldn’t move fast enough to get to them before they ran out of the screen. But even though that was the case, it wasn’t very hard to get a first place ranking after every level.

The graphics and sound were alright. The creator used a lot of photos and pictures in the backgrounds. The music in the levels were songs I hear on the radio. Nothing too exciting, but it wasn’t bad either.

One fun thing you could do was shoot down icebergs and smash enemy subs with them. The icebergs didn’t show up very often though, just every once in awhile like the mines. You could also unlock hidden gallery pictures by getting enough points to get a first place rank after a level.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy game, this one is for you. All you do is blast the smithereens out of the enemy. Nothing to it.

Download SUB ZERO!!!! (EXE, ~9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2009.01.28 Aidan12
Rating: --

It's taking too long to download! Yikes!
2006.06.11 meesa770
Rating: 8

This is a pretty solid game.i give it 8/10
i recommend it
2004.11.17 CPS
Rating: --

Note- When you click download, it will take you to a page what says click here to download Sub Zero, click on that and then the download will start :)
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