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Review by tapeworm
I don't normally like video games that use movie licenses, and it seems that Star Wars has been especially licensed to death. I liked the old Star Wars arcade game (the wireframe one) and The Empire Strikes Back on Atari 2600, but I've played very few since then, and none that really stood out.

But seeing Jazzuo's name on this one, I thought I should try it. I figured he'd do something a little less forumlaic than commercial developers.

Star Wars Episode VII takes place after Return of the Jedi. The son of Princess Leia seeks to be trained by Luke Skywalker. Luke accepts, and the game begins. The first segment is training. It's worth suffering through because it teaches you how to wield your lightsaber. And speaking of which, the lightsaber is one of the major highlights of the game. Its motion, sound, and controls (using the mouse) are all pretty interesting, and simply swinging it around is fun.

This game has a lot of narration and dialog. Some of it is funny, a lot of of it is in broken English, and at one point it inexplicably is no longer English at all. Occasionally, the narration seems to go on a little long. I felt the same way about some of the action sequences, for that matter. But these are minor complaints.

After a certain point, the game becomes a lot more difficult, even on the Easy setting. It could be that I simply didn't master the controls as well as I could have, but I became frustrated by enemies that can kill in one hit, restarting a long segment.

Graphics in the game are stylized--they are rough, but I like the general look of them. The backgrounds can be repetitive, but that isn't a major issue when the action picks up. Music is standard Star Wars stuff. It gets a little distorted at times, but I think that fits the general feel of the game. Oh, and the title screen music is a capella, as in some other Jazzuo games, only more elaborate.

I don't think you need to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this game. But it probably helps to be a fan of independent games that are rough around the edges and kind of strange, and I definitely fall into that category.

Creator's Description:
use mose to controle sword
use arrows to move around
action game with strong story

Download STAR WARS EPISODE VII (EXE, ~8.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.15 Ultima Games
Rating: 6

This game is awsome!!!! But the graphics are bad...
2006.11.03 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: --

Is this game based on the book 'Prophets of the Dark Side'?
2006.09.26 weylin
Rating: 8

I Think this was a very well made game as far as programming.
If you did the following, you got yourself a commercial quality game here:

Get some high quality music
Voices from a recording studio
Animated high quality cut scenes
More levels
Better graphics
Fix a few minor bugs (this game had hardly any)
Oh.. and fix that grammar
2006.09.07 Mantis
Rating: --

Sorry, this is more like a question than a comment: I'm guessing you used certain coding to make the character's arm-sections and lightsaber link together. If so, that coding would really help me create one of the bosses in one of my games. Would it be alright if you could email me and tell me how you did it? It won't be a huge portion of the game and I'm using it differently so it's not like I'm ripping off your idea. This would really help. Thanks! Email: aoomantis@aol.com
2006.06.13 superguy
Rating: 10

does anyone not get that the spelling errors are on perpos that mike tha game fanny ef the emiper has been crashed jazzuo if u ever read this i like this game more than most xbox games i have whens the next one email me at lovej003@yahoo.co.uk plz plz tell me BEST GAME EVER
2006.05.18 conalight
Rating: 8

it's asome it's just that the light saber robots
kill you so fast. i like the controlls i could
not belive that was made from game maker!
2006.04.29 simseman
Rating: 10

this game rules it is so fantastic i have try to make a game like that but i don't know how to make his arm and lightsaber follow the mouse i cant but i really really want too know and make so many enemies just pop up like that and the litle intro movie and what ever there is ind this game but this game rocks
2006.04.05 kramgogo
Rating: 8

Really good game... but i want u to improve the graphics a little ;)
2006.03.28 nickn
Rating: --

Can people stop using savefile.com? I can't download files from the website.
2006.03.19 jchalase
Rating: 10

WOW! This game is very addicting. I told my brother about this game and he said it was clashing. Then he played it and he cried for REAL because he loved it. I love it too!
2006.03.19 Mavacat
Rating: --

Um... pretty good, but a lot of spelling errors and bad graphics at the beginning. If you touched it up it could be a great game.
2006.03.06 Mr. Wiggles
Rating: 7

Nice game. I love the lightsaber, but the title screen music and thi graphics make it seem like it was supposed to be stupid. Well anyways it made me laugh so I still give it an 7.
2006.03.05 Radnom Games
Rating: 7

Very cool. I love the lightsaber, some freakin' sweet programming must have gone into that. It handles so well and looks so awesome, I just sat there playing with it for a while. All with unregistered Game Maker? You gotta be kidding me...

The game is quite inventive, with one of the training levels blinding you, all you can see is the sabre and enemy laser bullets. That was fun.

It's a large download for dial up users and might not be worth it, but for anyone with broadband, go ahead, it's worth it.

It is quite difficult but hey, difficult is good, it means you have to try a lot harder. True test of skill.

The graphics are somewhat blurry in some places and pixelated in others but it all somehow works out while playing, and the awesomeness of the sabre makes up for a lot.

I give it a 7/10 which for me is quite high, definitely above average. If GMG allowed decimals I would give it a 7.5/10.

Oh, and may the forth be with you. ;)
2006.03.05 sc(+)pe
Rating: 3

well i cant really say much than this is just a crappy game. The engine and stuff was great but the tutorial was really weak and got repeditive awfully quick. The graphics were also not so great. Ankins face was like drawn and then blured to look good. Pretty much just like everything else. The faces were ok tho, but that wont save you from this. also i found that if you dont have a good computer you will die almost instantly (I tried it on two computers in my house). and the storyline is weak as well and I didnt catch up on it. So far i got that another Jedi.. who is named Anikin after the most eveilist villin ever, is born and becomes a jedi under the guidence of an 90yr old Luke, who I notices magicaly grows back his hand
2006.03.04 Jam.Inc Games
Rating: 9

An excellent game! But I find after training it gets very hard. The lightsaber is wicked! How do you get such good effect? I assume this was done with GML or something
2006.03.03 Skyland
Rating: 10

Nice work. expect nice work from jazzuo. Worth the download.
2006.02.26 MetamorphisizedGM
Rating: 10

Jazzuo knows how to make games, he implements interesting graphics, nuff said
2006.02.25 flamozoid gaming
Rating: 7

lots of typoes and too much bot battle but it is fun
2006.02.20 Ultimate gamer
Rating: 9

This is a very nice game. The title music is a little odd but I love the game :)
2005.12.28 Pie_4
Rating: 8

quite a few errors but still a fun game. the light saber is cool! The game is also pretty short. 8/10
2005.12.27 Chris Kolar
Rating: 9

this game is surprisingly awesome. The control of the ightsaber is excellent, yet challenging. It gets very hard after you complete jedi training, but overall this was a good 30 minutes of play at the least, and i havent even gotten far yet. definetly a worthy download. 9 out of 10
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