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Game Maker Games - Spongebob superpants 2 episode 2
Spongebob superpants 2 episode 2 by Bobby F.
The next episode of the superpants 2 Note: this has a cheat key

Download Spongebob superpants 2 episode 2 (EXE, ~780kb MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.12 yoshiman
Rating: 1

what in the name of immposible,stuipid,dumb,boring,dull,lame,cruddy,horrid,flashy,dim-witted,no-brained,un-efforted games is this! oh, i just said what it is! this game is nearly imposible, and the graphics are as bad as just a dot for a tree! enemies go waaay to quick, and the amount of enimies are way to much also! this game last 5 minutes! what the chinny chin chin were you thinking when you made this game! i wouldnt think twice about seeing the other games youve made, for this one just goes way beyong the boring mark! its S-T-U-I-P-I-D! STUIPID!
2005.07.02 sc(+)pe
Rating: --

that was PITIFUL! it was a 5 minnet thing where it is almost impossable to complete.
2005.02.15 Fogshadow
Rating: --

I don't know, what I can say... i think you were bored and you just wanted to create a game... it's not a game, it's a stupid wanna-be-on-your-computer-'game', i'm sorry
2004.05.02 smileyinc
Rating: --

Hate to say it, but I wouldn't recommend this game. The graphics were okay, but the rest of the game was flashy and nearly impossible.
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