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Game Maker Games - SplishSplash
SplishSplash by emily_iona
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Review by edenb
Remember those days of old, in which you “splish splashed” in the bathtub, along with Mr. Ducky?
Or perhaps you remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons?
SplishSplash is a game that triggers those memories. It has the overall “feel” of being in an old Warner Brothers cartoon - that is, it manages to create a slightly bizarre world, which sits just on the edge of normality.

SplishSplash describes itself as “a hockey/football style team game using highly-skilled rubber ducks. Two players compete against each other to score the most goals. Use your team to tackle, pass and shoot the bar of soap into the other teams "goal". The game winner then splats the other team.”

While I’m generally not a fan of sports games, SplishSplash attracted me with its
quirky nature and the sheer cartoonish bend of the graphics. However, playing the game was somewhat confusing at first, with the player being thrown into a full blown game, with little or no direction apart from a help guide, which, while being short, sweet, and to the point, doesn’t really prepare you for what you are about to encounter.

SplishSplash is obviously fast paced, and becomes fun once you know what you’re doing. I wouldn’t call it addicting though: there isn’t enough variation in gameplay to make the player wanting to come back for more. But that is, I suspect, very subjective to the genre of game you typically enjoy.

“Psychedelic” is the word which screams out of every pore of this game, and that applies especially to the graphics. My only qualm is that some of the graphics - the ducks in particular - appear slightly disjointed from the rest of the game. Overall though, SplishSplash’s art style is thoroughly suited to a game of its type and has some very well done water effects.

The music in SplishSplash is certainly appropriate, and the piece that is used while playing it (Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath…) is almost certainly ripped.
Ripping is generally considered bad and in almost all cases I tend to agree, but the music suited the game perfectly, and increased the atmosphere portrayed significantly.

What you get out of SplishSplash depends to some degree on how much you enjoy sports games, but approach this game with an open mind. It’s certainly different than most, and while the concept isn’t entirely original, how it is presented is.
Splish splash has very few bugs, and has the slickness of a well-oiled, flower-painted 60s’ van.

What the creator said:

SplishSplash is a two player hockey/football(soccer) style game using deranged ducks in a bath. Score more goals than your opponent and then try to squish them to beat the high score.

Download SplishSplash (EXE, ~5.5 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.09 bugaham games
Rating: 10

This game is really fun! There were some effects and it can be multiplayer. It can also go into overtime!
2007.01.07 GamerHippo7
Rating: 6

Haha Wow what a great find. This was a pretty good game. I was VERY impressed with the water effects.
2007.01.07 mazimadu
Rating: 5

A goo game, but it was 2 short. needs more stuff.
2007.01.07 twizko
Rating: 9

awesome! my bro keeps winin but still loads and loads of fun. i like =]
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