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Game Maker Games - Space Shootout
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Review by happysister
This game gave me the impression that I was in a small arcade tucked away in a corner of a bowling ally. It takes on some characteristics of a game you would see in that setting.

Space Shootout is a two player game in which the U.S.A. and Russia send their best pilots into space to duke it out with each other. Player one represents the United States while player two flies for Russia. Whoever can beat their opponent in five dogfights first claims space supremacy. Simple enough.

There were a few bugs/glitches/things that disturbed me in this game, but I wasn’t too bothered by them. The thing that got to me the most was the scrolling story. It was way…too…slow! It took about 15 minutes for the whole story to appear. And the story isn’t long either. That needs to get fixed. There were also a couple spelling and punctuation errors. I noticed a glitch with the music while going to a room to battle. Another thing I came upon was that sometimes while you were shooting and moving forward, the steering would go out on me, and I wouldn’t be able to turn in a certain direction until I let off the fire button.

I think the creator did a good job making this two player game, but there are some things I’d like to point out that I think could use some improvement:

- The controls are awkwardly placed. Well, they are with two pairs of hands crowding up a 12 inch laptop anyway.

- It would have been nice if when the two ships collided, they bounced off of each other instead of passing straight through. Getting damaged when colliding would have been a nice throw-in too.

- The game lacks in weapon upgrades (not saying that those are needed), and the health power-ups only appear twice during a round. The latter could have appeared either more often or not so soon after the round starts.

- Both the U.S.A ship and the Russian ship are exactly the same, not color-wise or sound-wise, but in general. I think it would have been a good addition if one was stronger than the other, or one was faster and had more hit points. Little things like that can help make a game more exciting.

- I know it’s a two player game, but I think a one player training mode or something like that would have been cool to throw in since you can’t always find a friend who wants to play.

I must say, though, I think this game has a nice arcade-like feel to it. The non-dramatic final scenes help accomplish this, and the game never really ends. You kill each other, you start a new game, you kill each other, you start a new game. Those of you who spend all your time in the Mario Kart battle arenas instead of actually racing might enjoy this.

So in closing, this game is not bad. It could use some tweaking and fixing of the bugs. In my opinion, it makes for a nice download, so go grab a friend and give it a try.

Download Space Shootout (EXE, ~2.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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