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Game Maker Games - Sonic & Knuckles Flicky Panic
 Sonic & Knuckles Flicky Panic by Darkleo
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Review by happysister

That was my reaction after the first 30 seconds of the game. You should know that I’m not really much of a Sonic fan, due to the recent 3D Sonic games that have come out for the Nintendo Game Cube and such. In fact, the only Sonic games that I like are the old school ones (from Sonic the Hedgehog up to Sonic and Knuckles). I am also not really a fan of fan games. I am so picky! I don’t know why I don’t like fan games. I just don’t! But this game…this game is a definite exception. Better take a seat. This might be a long one.

Basically, Sonic and Knuckles Flicky Panic is the best Sonic fan game I’ve ever played. It looked professional. The menu screen was very orderly, and I like how the creator kept it from looking cluttered even though just about every option in the game was listed there. There was a good level of challenge even in the first few levels. Another plus is the visuals. The graphics are ripped, but they all flow nicely together. The level design is also some of the best I’ve seen in a platform/arcade game made with Game Maker. The levels are definitely challenging, but not impossible. (My favorite was the Dragon Caves with the falling lava. Very nice touch.) The levels get progressively harder at a nice pace. They don’t go from easy as pie to death and destruction in one jump. The music fits the mood quite nicely, and the creator chose the sound FX well. Probably the main reason why I like this game is because it definitely is a Sonic game…but it has some different features and originality to it as well, which gives the game a nice feel. I’ll mention one more thing about this game that is really nice, and that is the auto save feature. The game automatically saves itself as you progress further through it, which is a really nice time saving feature for those of you who are too lazy to hit F5.

Now that I’ve excited everyone with all the praise and kudos I could spew, the time arrives when I tell you some things about the game that aren’t so hot. Sorry, but like I’ve said before, every game has issues, including this one…unfortunately. The biggest problem is that the two player mode doesn’t work correctly. The controls for player one are messed up and sort of meshed with the controls for player two. So watch out for that. another minor thing is sometimes after bouncing off a springboard the sprite would freeze, so it looked like Sonic was still jumping, but he was actually on the ground and should’ve been in a standing position. It didn’t happen all the time, but it happened enough. I got stuck (only once) in the underside of a floating platform by jumping into it, and that made me have to exit to the menu screen and start the level over. One other thing that I thought could use improving was that you use the arrow keys to move the cursor, not the mouse. But that could be just me being nitpicky.

I’ll stop rambling now and let you download the game. Seriously. This game deserves to be played…and I don’t say that about just any old game.

Download Sonic & Knuckles Flicky Panic (EXE, ~3.00 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.22 E.B
Rating: 7

I agree with GameFortress; as a game itself, it's really good; but as a sonic game, it's not got that feel to it.
2006.11.08 Lorenzo_The_Comic
Rating: 1

I agree wit what you said, Game Fortress.
2006.10.20 blah
Rating: --

Dear happysister:

Have you ever seen SRB2? (www.srb2.org)

It's awesome. Not that this isn't. I love this game, too
2006.08.24 Trogador
Rating: 8

I never liked sonic fan games primarily because they don't follow the game's DNA, or don't really add anything. SKFP is one of the better fan games to come out. It doesent have the speed the blue blur is known for, but it is a solid platformer. what I enjoyed the most was the skill and thought it took to rescue the flickys. It's not a great fan game, but it's one I played and enjoyed for a while.
2006.07.23 coolcatgames
Rating: 8

Very well made and great gameplay I have got near the end and got annoyed so I did not continue. I am awful at creating games so I might not submit. (Were on earth can you accutally download sprites music etc)
2006.04.16 Knuckles
Rating: 10

Well,this is a....
Great Game! This game is going to my favorites!
But,I can't glide.
2006.04.14 LaPingvino
Rating: 6

I must admit Game Fortress is right: the gameplay of Sonic is definitely NOT available in this game... But as a platformgame it's certainly much better than the result of other GameMaker-users.
2006.02.09 jeffro
Rating: 10

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.02.08 Pikmin837
Rating: --

I can't download the game. It keeps taking me to another webpage.
2006.02.02 Chris Kolar
Rating: 10

jeez i havent replayed a game this much since mini golf pro.... 10!!!
2006.01.27 guzu
Rating: 8

I only finished 3 zones, so I don't think I know much about the game.
*The graphics are intresting and well placed and the musics are enough to make you enjoy your time. (GFX and music are rips)
*There isn't much in the game play, but it is fun. You hit the birds' cages to free them so you can go to the next stage. Evade spikes, jump high, destroy walls. Knuckles have a special move and so does Sonic.
You won't regret downloading it and you might as well want to keep it on the HD.
2006.01.22 Game Fortress
Rating: 6

This game is just a platformer with sonic sprites. I was dissapointed to see that none of the sonic GAMEPLAY was preserved. No speeding up, no loops none of the insane fast play that made the originals such a great game. You can see the entire levels in one screen as well, wich is a serious departure from sonic style. For a platformer, it certainly has merit. As a sonic game? only the graphics remain loyal.
2006.01.14 SonicLegacy
Rating: 8

This is truly a great game. Very commercial quality. But the appearing spikes in Balloon park hurt you even if you're flashing, and you can't pick up dropped rings...

Also if you touch the sides of the spikes you get injured (Very annoying in sand castle act 2)

Overall very fun, but flawed (in a proffesional way).
2005.12.17 blah
Rating: 9

YAY! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME! YOU FINALLY GOT IT HERE! (PS: I downloaded it from your site and the version I had had messed-up 2P controls. Is that fixed?)
2005.12.10 MDS-Games
Rating: 9

I must say, this is a wonderfully made Sonic game.
My only complaints are that some of the colors chosen for text are too bright and crazy, the platform engine isn't entirely flawless (with the smash down thing), and quitting takes forever, but besides that it's the best and most original sonic game I've ever played (of the freeware ones, of course).
It contains almost everything a commercial quality platform game would have. The movement is smooth, you have control over the jump height, you can do more than just jump and walk.
The menu system is fairly nice also. Of course the graphics and audio are great because they're sonic, but the levels were put together in such a way that it really set the mood right. It feels like a good sonic game, yet it's got a slightly differen't playing style. You get a sense of progress, and you always want to beat your score and get it perfect. It's a must for Sonic fans!
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