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Game Maker Games - Snooter
Snooter by Immortal
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Review by Kro$$fire (with Malaika)
This little game immediately caught my eye because of its sparkly graphics and let's face it, small size. Immortal released Snooter as a new years present, and worked hard to complete it in time for the big day. Although it was a nice sentiment, a little more time would have worked wonders for the game,
Snooter is a simple platformer, in which you take the role of a funny little orange guy that looks like a cross between a blob and a pig, trying to collect GM logos. There is no actual story, so the looks of the character fit in perfectly. The graphics are colourful and suit the game well, unfortunately the environment looks deserted, and the number of enemies is rather low.
Immortal has gone to a lot of trouble making sure the player understands the game mechanics. The first levels are tutorial-like, and work well to demonstrate the game. However, the game itself is pretty short, so those tutorial levels could have been better compressed. The sounds are basic but functional, but the background music grows irritating in a short time.
Snooter isn't original enough to set it apart, and in fact has a few very annoying bugs. The wall collisions are horrible, and it gets quite frustrating to see the little blobby pig get stuck every time he jumps. I've never seen the character get irriversibly stuck, however, so it won't make you throw your monitor out of the window. Speaking of platforms, there is little variety here, since you'll only find the usual metal floors and the occasional ice floor or spike pit. The enemies act in the typical puzzle manner, endlessly wandering back and forth, however they are cleverly, if not uniquely, designed and fill out the game well. The controls are also a bit tricky. I died more than a few times failing to double-jump at precisely the right moment, and the ice-spit attack of the blobby pig is next to useless, since you need to be practically touching the enemies to freeze them.

The overall gameplay isn't too bad, however a few rather annoying bugs prevent it from being better. Perhaps if Immortal had have spent more time on the game, it would have stood a chance. As it stands now however, the game is somewhat generic and boring.

Download Snooter (EXE, ~0.744 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.05.30 nickn
Rating: 8

nice, but when i press right/left and jump and release right/left it keeps moving, Did you use Motions And Speeds or somethin?
2006.01.09 happysister
Rating: --

the link is now fixed. thanks to whoever reported this.
2005.01.01 firegrant2
Rating: 8

ITs really cool and fun, somewhat addicting even. the only thing i would say is bad about it is that his nose makes it hard to jump onto platdforms at times. other than that, id give it an 8
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