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Game Maker Games - Samurai Smackdown
Samurai Smackdown by CoolMoose Productions
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Review by Malaika
Samurai Smackdown has no story. Samurai Smackdown has no plot. Samurai Smackdown has no character development. But really, who cares about them anyway? It's a kick*** game!

Obviously the main character of Samurai Smackdown is a Samurai. And that's pretty much all you know about him. The object of the game is to deflect incoming attacks by savage Ninja. Controls couldn't be simpler. Simply press the arrow key to block in that direction. This easy system is surprisingly fun, and you'll find yourself being drawn back to the game whenever you're bored. It is quite a challenging game, though, and you'll find it will take all of your skill and reflexes to do well.

Graphics are simple, but of excellent quality. There are no glitches at all, and everything fits perfectly with the game. Simply put, these are some of the best visuals I have seen in a Gamemaker Game. Elegant and stunning.

Sound is also simple, yet fits beautifully with the overall gameplay. The word "unobtrusive" comes to mind.

OSamurai Smackdown is a brilliant game. Perfectly suited for coffee breaks and any other time you have a spare minute. I downloaded it two months ago, and I still play it regularly. All in all, Samurai Smackdown is like a cigarette. It looks simple and innocent, but its addictive as hell and... Well, okay, at least Samurai Smackdown won't kill you if you try it out.

Download Samurai Smackdown (EXE, ~1.5 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.24 Jabberwock
Rating: 3

The only coolmoose game I don't like in the least. I usually die about 10 seconds in, and it takes longer than that to start a new game, so it's hardly even worth it. The graphics aren't all *that* good, and the gameplay relies way too heavily on reflexes. Still, don't let this stop you, it seems like plenty of other people have enjoyed this game- maybe I just missed something.
2005.12.03 It is I
Rating: 10

One of my favorite games ever. One of the first gamemaker games I ever played. *Sniff* So emotional...
2005.07.12 duckman35
Rating: 6

I think you might have something starting to go on. Like the other people said; it gets boring after a while. I think you need to spruce it up a bit or do something. Otherwise it is a fairly good game.
2004.07.08 Mikawo
Rating: --


The title Samurai Smackdown sounds cool. What can be cooler than a samurai laying the smackdown on ninjas? This is bound to be an awesome game, right? WRONG.

I can appreciate the fact that the sprites in the game were original. However, they do not impress. Although, I have to say, the background images were beautiful, but whether the person who drew the sprites and the background are one in the same is questionable.

'Oh, that's ok. Graphics aren't everything! It's all about the gameplay.' Ok, maybe the gameplay makes up for the graphics, right? WRONG.

As a samurai with 'mighty skillz,' there are three keys that you must master: up, left, and right. They each correspond to a swing of your sword in the respective direction. These are all the capabilities you have to fend off hordes of poorly drawn flying ninjas armed with explosive daggers. At first, you think you have sufficient 'mighty skillz,' but then you realize that the first bunch of ninjas are pansies. Before you know it, you are being rushed by a bunch of lightning class ninjas (but they look like the pansy ninjas). No folks. No amount of key bashing will help you survive the onslaught. As a samurai, you are fast. But not that fast.

On a more serious note, the gameplay in Samurai Smackdown is extremely rigid. The only thing you do in this game is swing your sword. I'm aware that this game is not meant to be a full blown game, but rather a game to be played during down time. Even then I find the game just a tad too restrictive when it comes to gameplay. Just adding the ability to block or something would make the game better.

If you are looking for a game to be played during down time, add this game to your list, but it might be better to keep it close to the bottom.


2004.8.18 Ryan Nuca

This game is cool. I was expecting jumps fifty feet in the air, dives to the ground, and elimination of ninja's with a flick of a samuri finger, the kind of stuff that makes you say, 'D***,' or, 'Urrrgh,' and that kind of stuff. But once you get into it, this game does just that.
2004.06.16 ZexusZP
Rating: --

This is one of those games where it's simple yet challenging. Easy to pick up and play...{ ZP Score: 7.5 out of 10 }
2004.03.26 BaronVsCorsar
Rating: --

Really nice game, simple and funny.
But this is a game for 30 minutes of play,
no more.
P.S: My top score is 174!!!
2004.03.18 MattCreations
Rating: --

The game is prety fun at first, then it gets a little boring. But, it's still good.
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