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Game Maker Games - Runes of Chaos
Runes of Chaos by Eli Patsiornik
Runes of Chaos is a unique blend of Action-RPG and Top-Down Shooter. You play as Viktor Kane, who is searching for a powerful and dangerous traitor named Zigurait.

Take on Zigurait's guards in an enemy territory as you search for his location. Eventually you'll find awesome items and unlock powerful spells so that you can attempt to take on Zigurait after defeating enough of his guards.

Items drop off of defeated enemies, and they are critical to your success. Try to select items and spells that work well together so you can specialize your character. A mage character, for example, would use offensive spells and wear items that are high on Intellect and Spirit.

TIP: Unless you play PC games and are familiar with the WASD control scheme, please start on the "Easy" difficulty. Higher difficulties require you to dodge bullets and aim at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: This game will not run properly if your screen resolution is smaller than [b]1024x768[/b]. It also does not run well on netbooks due to the very small screen resolution and poor CPU. Most new laptops run it fine, however, as long as you use a mouse.

Download Runes of Chaos (EXE, ~16 MB )

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