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Game Maker Games - Rooftop Drop V1.0
Rooftop Drop V1.0 by Matt Creations
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Review by Beanjo
In Rooftop Drop, you play as FreddyMcFredFred driving a minivan/sports utility/blob-car-thing hybrid. Apparently, you run over a tree and it explodes. You somehow end up on the top of a building with a weird looking conveyor belt moving right to left on the screen. Your fuel is low. What do you do to stay on the conveyor belt? Why, you get items from the pooping birds above, of course. But be careful, birds also dump out loads of TNT and your minivan/sports utility/blob-car-thing hybrid can only brake while moving forward a certain number of times! Sound ridiculous? Add UFOs into the mix and you have yourself a very crazy mini-game.

The goal of the game is to stay on the roof as long as you can by avoiding certain items and collecting others while trying to stay on the sideways conveyor belt. You can collect fuel, brake, and points to add to your score. You use fuel every time you move forward and one brake point every time you brake. The belt speeds up and different obstacles and hazards are thrown at you, such as shooting UFOs. All of this incredible action while the same song loops in the background. Does it get annoying? Iíll leave that up to you. :) Overall, this small mini-game is somewhat fun, but I probably wonít be playing again it after writing this review.

Author's description:
This is a fun quick minigame where you control a car that is on some sort of conveyor belt on the top of a building. It slowly moves the car back, but it ends up getting faster and faster. You must press a key repeatedly to keep yourself from falling and there are many hazards such as TNT, alien spaceships, clouds and more. You must also watch your stats. You must collect items to help you, such as fuel, brakes, points, and speed ups which make you move faster!

Download Rooftop Drop V1.0 (EXE, ~1.15 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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