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Game Maker Games - Robbie Swifthand: The Orb of Mysteries
Robbie Swifthand: The Orb of Mysteries by Nick Larin (scream681)
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Review by Yellow Monkey
In Robbie Swifthand, you must guide the eponymous tomb raider through a series of levels in search of treasure. The levels are very reminiscent of something out of an Indiana Jones flick; there are no enemies to speak of but plenty of traps and deadly obstacles. For the most part the traps are quite effective and require skillful timing and careful planning to sneak past. A couple of the traps are unfair, particularly the dropping blocks and trap spikes which are both nearly invisible. The only effective way to avoid them is to already know where they are, which causes some levels to be based heavily on trial and error gameplay.

The presentation is simply top-notch. Although the graphics in general are well-done, the animations stand out as being particularly smooth and polished. The appropriately arcadey-music is equally as pleasing.

Overall Robbie Swifthand is a solid, well-made game with a couple of distracting flaws. It’ll probably only last you about an hour or two, but you’ll have a good time playing it and feel satisfied upon completion.

The Creator says:

Enter the dark chambers of an ancient Temple and help Robbie Swifthand to survive the deadly dangers awaiting him.

The game starts in windowed mode but I suggest turning on Fullscreen in the Options to enjoy it better.

Have fun!

Download Robbie Swifthand: The Orb of Mysteries (EXE, ~4.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Overall: recommended

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2009.04.08 EagloBane
Rating: 7

Hmm, it was pretty good. Not a bad way to spend an hour, but it wasn't exactly the greatest game in the world. The only thing that really bugged me was the sound effect for the thief when he'd jump or land, because it sounded like a young teen's voice, and the thief looked older than that. Also, the game suffered from a lack of variety. You did well with what you had, and I suppose in such a short span it'd be hard to add a lot of stuff, but in the end, I wanted to see more than just the cliched underground temple scenery. All this isn't to say I wouldn't play the sequel, though. Nicely done!
2009.01.15 Rhapsody
Rating: 10

Amazing game! Def worth playing. Love the polished animations and gameplay. Keep the great work up!
2009.01.11 Ryan-Phoenixan
Rating: 8

It's well-polished game that's worth playing through a couple of times. The gameplay can be a little lack-luster here and there, but the graphics and tile-placement definitely set a great example of what should be done in a GM game.
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