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Game Maker Games - RedHero
RedHero by Soup42
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Review by Yellow Monkey
Saving the day again are we? The aptly-named RedHero puts you in the role of a heroic red blob-thing with the mission of protecting your green-colored counterparts. Although successful early on, the game turns out to be a heroic failure as the superb presentation gives way for boring and repetitive gameplay.

The game starts off with a humorous cutscene, the first in a series of many. You’re introduced to the concepts of the game and the two main characters: yourself, and the guardian of the land who's called Flowen. He explains that in each level you must collect at least five orbs while also avoiding these exploding circle things that the local gods tend to shoot down towards you. Complicating this quite a bit is that most of the orbs are inaccessible until the god circles blow open a part of the wall for you.

While the concept of the game sounds great on paper, the actual execution suffers. With the exception of one underwater area, every level plays almost exactly the same. Neither new challenges nor new enemies are ever introduced which leads to just simple variation in level design. Despite this lack of variety, the game is still unacceptably short, totaling to only six levels plus a boss battle. Most of the levels are very short and easy, but a couple of them take a bit longer to beat because you have to wait until one of the god circles make a hole into the next area.

Despite these problems, parts of the game still tend to be a somewhat pleasant experience due to the excellent presentation. The graphics are slick and the borrowed music always fits the level. The smaller details, such as the villagers, really shine though and work to create a memorable charm.

If you’re looking for something different and have nothing else to do then this game is for you. It plays in a way you’ve never seen, and it looks good doing it too, but don't be surpised if you get bored of it before you’ve even finished.

Soup42 Wrote:
RedHero is an action platformer game, in which you must avoid the explosions from incoming bombs and collect the blue orbs while navigating the constantly changing environments. You have simple control of your player with 3 different powers-ups to collect that help you along the way. The game is also ingrained with an interesting story, humorous cut scenes and two different endings depending on how well you play. With its interesting style, simple graphics and a fitting soundtrack to keep you immersed, RedHero is a fun game to play anytime!

Download RedHero (EXE, ~1.54 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.09.21 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 6

Let's see. Gameplay was boring (had to wait for things to happen), graphics were...ok, I guess. Boss fights were same as normal levels. Music wasn't original. (Not that I might. I'm currently working on an underwater game using the DKC1 midi's as well, including one that you used.) Storyline was decent. I liked the comedy. All in all, I'd rate it about average. I suppose there were a lot of things I didn't care for and that could use improvement, but it was better than I thought it would be, and I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a bad game. It just needs to be a little more fun. Even with the cheats, I found myself having to sit there and wait for fireballs to fall, or try to lure some in, and it got tiresome after a while. Still, I enjoyed the humour, and I'm kinda glad I played it. I'll give it 6/10.
2007.09.17 Killheart
Rating: --

Nice, but in the underwater I found it possible to strafe through the walls.
2007.09.17 xtreme0ninja
Rating: 10

every once in a while a game comes along that only one word can describe: perfect. this is no such game. jk, it is. this is the best gm game ive ever played(i think). 10/10!
2007.08.26 The Third Man
Rating: 7

This is a cool little game. Nice graphics, good music, glitchless programming, and genuinely enjoyable gameplay. It's on the short side and it's not extraordinarily original, but it's definitely worth playing through at least once.
2007.08.13 AkiraTT
Rating: 7

Wow, very nice game ! :D
It's kinda short and a little easy, but fun and with nice graphics, so i give 7/10 :)

p.s. the cutscenes were my favorite part of the game :p
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