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Game Maker Games - Ratz
Review by Bitmappity
Ratz is a fun scrolling-arcade game where you have to fly through the level in your rat-board, collecting all the cheese. And with obstacles of course, such as nails, bolts, and a gas-meter to watch out for, everything becomes all the more fun. Avoid these obstacles and try to get the highest score!

This game is based off the animated TV series, but you don't have to have watched it to play this (I've never even heard of it for that matter). The gameplay is very smooth, but gets repetitive very quickly. Ratz is basically one long minigame to see if you can top your old score.

The graphics in Ratz are definately impressive; according to the author, he made them all. The smoke coming out of the rat-board was a nice effect, and there's definately some other noticeable things graphics-wise. There's only about two or three sounds in Ratz, but nothing seemed missing. The best part about this game was probably the catchy-cool-jazz-rock music, but that wasn't created by the author.

To sum up:

+ Fun minigame to keep you occupied.
+ Great graphics.
+ Cool music.
- Only a minigame; too short.
- Gets repetitive, very quickly.

This game is worth a try, but don't count on it as something you'll be playing every day, unless you love these types of games. More interesting obstacles and a funner game mode definately could have made this game a lot better.

Author's comments:
Based on the animated TV program of the same name: Use your rat-board to fly through the ducts and save the cheese.

Download Ratz (EXE, ~1.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.12 pyrotoz
Rating: 5

Not bad, nice graphics. The sounds/music fitted in well as well. The gameplay was well made, but soon got boring, there's only 1 level and a couple of obstacles, this is the main area you could have made more interesting.
2006.03.25 si3792
Rating: 8

great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005.01.15 L33TNerd
Rating: 3

Eh....fun the first time but gets old fast....thats mini-games for yeh.
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