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Review by Jabberwock
Occasionally a game comes along that manages to be grueling to play to the point of not being very much fun, yet somehow very engaging. Punishment 2, like its predecessor, is one such game. As with many of messhof's creations, it manages to strike a balance between being very difficult and very good.

As in the first game, you play as a small, well-animated man (this time white instead of red) whose unfathomable goal it is to climb to the top of some sort of tower... thing, encountering all kinds of obstacles. Which wouldn't be that tough, except that every time you reach another room, you've got to climb all the way back down and reset the main switch. I know it sounds rather tedious, but... well, actually it is. On the plus side, though, you'll be very good at the first few levels by the end. I guess you can't really expect any less from a game called "The Punishing."

The game is similar enough to the original to feel familiar to its fans, but different enough not to seem like more of the same. For one thing, the very annoying room rotation and direction changing of the first game are no longer present; in their place are a bunch of very annoying obstacles, like bumpers and moving platforms. The graphics are also quite different, consisting of simple, white shapes against solid colored backgrounds (a different one for each room). The game's physics are quite excellent and fun to mess around with, though they frequently lead to frustration. Each room features its own track of "music" (just drums, actually), that's played forwards when climbing up and backwards when climbing down, which I thought was a nice touch. Many of the game's sound effects are taken from the first game, which serves to tie the two together nicely, even though the sounds are used in rather different contexts in some cases.

The game is the perfect length - long enough to make me think about giving up, but not quite long enough for me to actually do it. Beating the game gives a great feeling of accomplishment, though it comes mingled with (at least for me) a slight feeling of disappointment, kind of an "is that all there is?"... even though it was hell to play in the first place.

I think that this game is very much worth trying. Unlike 99% of games, though, it's interesting because it's a quite unusual experience, not necessarily an entirely pleasant one.

Author's Description:
Inspired by the game "ladder" and Russian video art, as well as my own sadism, this new punishment game brings you back to the never ending tower. This time the main switch goes out after each new floor you reach, forcing you to make all those ever-so-technical leaps across enormous pits of hot lava again. And again. And again. And again. And again...

Download PUNISHMENT: THE PUNISHING (EXE, ~14.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.03.14 Mooseyfates
Rating: 8

This game, I think, is even better than the first one. I got so frusterated on the last level. I wanted to cry.
At least this one has a legit ending.
2009.11.25 BoxedLunch
Rating: 8

This was a great game, and kind of a smart-a** when you get to a new level in my opinion. Seriously I almost cried every time I got to a new room. I think this deserves a go at any time.
2008.08.07 phoenix0
Rating: 7

*Main switch is out*

2007.10.08 Nucleus
Rating: 10

A definite 10. this game is exactly as the name implies... punishment. slipper controls, falling back to the start are all part of the idea of the game. love it!
2007.10.03 Iceofsweden
Rating: 8

Is the main switch on a timer sīcus it gets out sometimes.
This game is 70% frustration and 30% fun
It will get + for the 2 player mode.
2007.09.17 darkarceus
Rating: 7

It's pretty cool! although it's kind of annoying
I died about 432 times... still very good platforming actions err something... yeah.
2007.09.10 Re_jex
Rating: --

Its called punishment for a reason. Although compared with the original, this game is not really punishment, kind of a let down for me. I really miss the inverted keys and tilting screen
2007.09.07 tjg92
Rating: --

The name is hilarious.
2007.09.07 warrior
Rating: 8

Good game. It rivals its predessesor in funness and I know that messhof intentionally made the design simplistic. Sadly so did his music.
Sorry man, but the midi loops just don't cut it. It gets tiring real fast and its a shame because the sound effects are so cool.
If I were to pick I'd choose some techno or something.
Also I accidentally fell back on the arrow and had to start all over again.:/
2007.08.31 bungo
Rating: 8

I think it was fun, and I actually beat it, unlike the first one (does the first one even have an ending?) It was also fun to play multiplayer, and falling down all the levels.
2007.08.26 The Third Man
Rating: 6

The gameplay was monotonous, and the music moreso. The graphics were functional--but just barely. Perhaps the highlight of the experience for me was the programming, which was generally of high quality and glitch-free.

But the game, overall, was a yawner.
2007.08.17 Carefree Games
Rating: 7

I hate going back to the begining EVERY time you go up a level. Really - is that nessesary? Also the controls are a tad slippery. Otherwise I like it.
2007.08.16 pubby8
Rating: 7

Pretty darn fun! Kindof confusing though
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