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Game Maker Games - Punishment
 Punishment by Messhof
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Review by tapeworm
I almost don't want to say too much about Punishment, because the first minute-or-so that I played it, before I had any idea what was going on, was my favorite part. But, because you might only try it if my review makes it sound interesting, I guess I have to say something about the game.

Your basic goal in Punishment is to guide a small red (well-animated) man up through a series of screens. Each screen is filled with platforms, and most contain other things as well. These other things are in part how the game earns its title.

One interesting thing about Punishment is that you don't have to reach the very top to be rewarded for your effort--each screen contains an image that becomes clearer as you climb higher. Each picture is different, and some are pretty interesting.

Graphics are very simple and stylish. Other than the aforementioned pictures, everything is basic and brightly-colored. The music is nice, and even seems to be somewhat dynamic.

This game isn't especially easy. You'll likely be "punished" (that is, find yourself several screens down from where you were a moment ago) many times before you reach the top. But if you like a challenge and/or a somewhat surreal experience, you'll probably like this.

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Opinions about Punishment

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.03.13 Mooseyfates
Rating: 8

wow i get to the top just to see it start over
i feel like i wasted my life
but i did it *breathes*
Pretty fantastic game.
2008.02.04 moran
Rating: 7

there's some pretty cool stuff that i've never seen anywhere else before. it is a little frustrating and touchy, though.
2007.08.21 Q-kumber
Rating: 8

This game has some very interesting ideas...I didn't get very far, but I could tell this game was like nothing I had ever played before. The movement of the character took a little while to get used to though, because he slid around too much. 8/10.
2007.08.10 bluecheetah
Rating: 6

i dont really like it for a few reasons
1. to hard
2. cant get past level 3
3. strange rocking(i also like this)
2007.08.09 Carefree Games
Rating: --

Great game.... Exept you move as though you were on ice.
2006.08.15 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

A very creative concept that's pulled off pretty well, except that I found the controls to be very unruly. In all the hours I've spent playing this, I've never made it more than a few rooms up. This game frustrates me like no other- consequently half of me despises it while the other half loves it for being so bizzare.
2006.05.09 nota1ot
Rating: 9

Aargh. I have never seen such a good game be such an ASSHOLE!!!!!
2006.04.18 Jessekrs123
Rating: 7

wow, i started sweting playin this, its a good game, weird things but its addicting!i made it to the mario bros background
2006.04.15 _Player2_
Rating: --

the non-existing surface is probably the screen-saver destroying the surface that (I think) blurrs the bg image.

The rotating is probably the view_angle[0]=x vairable.

I'm not going to even TRY to run it because of surfaces giving away the reason that it's made with GM6, which my computer doesn't have a good enough graphics card for.:'(
2006.02.25 random
Rating: 9

Wow. The first thing I noticed was how the game really pushes some (or one) of the new GM6 features (really liked the excessive use of view_angle there). The difficulty level is such that it will probably stay on my hard drive for a long time before I ever beat it. I wish there were some more images as cool as the first one (there might be, I've only gotten up four levels =P). Oh , and the ever increasingly fast music was a nice touch too.
2006.02.21 wrathwell productions
Rating: 9

Wow! Great game! I like the camera rotation thing and the background pictures. I got pretty high up, but I did a bad jump and fell about 5 screens! ARG!!! This game has really good gameplay, just like how games used to be. You think you can beat it, then you screw up and get really frustrated, and you keep trying until you beat that part. Great work!!
2006.02.18 stevenup7002
Rating: --

Odd, I get a trying to use non existing surface error? Whats with this?
2006.02.18 messhof
Rating: --

Some people are getting that error. When does it come up?
2006.02.15 SuperDylan01
Rating: 8

This is like... so hard.
-Sick graphics
-Great Animated Sprites/Objects
-No bugs
-CANT SAVE!!!!!!!!!1111!!!one!! :'(
-Diffuculty level: VERY HIGH
-Silly reverse object and screen rotate object
(how do u do that?)
Ok... Rating
Gameplay: +4
Diffuculty: -4
Graphics: +6
Sounds: +2
Objects: 0

Overall: 8
Good Job! Try make a second Punishment (if u havent already) and/or a third, etc, etc.
2006.02.14 Miika
Rating: 10

Sick pictures!!! this game is making me totally crazy!!!
2006.02.14 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

It is extremely hard. I like the graphics and I think it is very fun. It should never get less than an 8.
2006.02.13 BabyBowser
Rating: 10

I love weird games like this :)
2006.02.13 Mostis
Rating: 9

Wow. This is a great game. It's very clever with the control swapping and the picture things. So what do you call the level where you go if you get punished on level 1? Level 0?
2006.02.12 Yoshi Lord
Rating: 2

i dont get it. and its pretty annoying. the graphics are pretty good, though.

sorry, but its just a crazy game.
2006.02.11 GamerHippo7
Rating: 10

I've been punished..................
2006.02.11 GamerHippo7
Rating: --

A pretty good game. Some problems, but still worth trying. Maybe not one you'll keep on your hard drive forever.

So why did Punishment only get a 6... .. wow... I guess my games are 5's then T_T
2006.02.10 Goose
Rating: --

Had it not been for the fact that it is a brand new 19' monitor, my screen would've been out the window while playing this.
2006.02.08 israel5000
Rating: --

This game rules! It's a bit hard on some levels, but I would give it a 20 out of 10!
2006.02.03 flamozoid gaming
Rating: 5

left and right movement controls are too sensetive. Levels can be very annnoying. Good Game Though.
2006.01.24 zazoostudios
Rating: 8

This is so cool!
And it's hard!
2006.01.24 jazzuo
Rating: 8

wonderful game mr meshsoft beatiful fun interesting it really got me pictures in background the untold story the mood. U used gm for the purpose it should be used dor a selfexpression very good goes beyound a region of game
2006.01.23 Pie_4
Rating: 8

this game is really cool and hard! Why does the background do that wierd thing where the higher you are the less blurred it is? Thats kinda annoying...
2006.01.23 KTXInteractive
Rating: 8

WOW! Good job be monitor is a wall-mounted TFT with 360 degree rotation though!
2006.01.23 mrscience
Rating: 10

Incredible! The game matches the name perfectly. A masterpiece, essential for any hardcore gamer; that is, any who're ready for a little punishment.
2006.01.22 orbofwisdom
Rating: 8

One of the more creative games I've played in a while. It's a surreal experience without lack of quality (which you tend to find sacrificed sometimes for the sake of creativity), and the concept is just one of the cooler ideas I have stumbled upon. Although the rotation and control-flipping do get annoying, it is still a fine game which I'm sure to keep on my desktop and come back every once in a while.
2006.01.14 red_blupi
Rating: 8

But it's a little hard.
2006.01.13 LazerLizard
Rating: 6

This game is cool. I HATE that third level. Go to the left and the screen turnl left?!? It's a cool idea, but inthe game it's cool too.
A nice game to play if you have nothing to do.
I reccomend dowloading it.
2006.01.12 jmanjman47
Rating: --

Wow, this game is like nothing I have ever seen before.
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