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Game Maker Games - Psychoid
Psychoid by Tribot Triad Enterprises
This is my (the triad's) first game. It is pretty good, and has the kind of dialogue a fan of FooGmez would enjoy. There are 4 wierd bosses (with psychotic cutscenes), about 30 levels, and some good music.



-Gigabot, tribot triad enterprises.

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2006.08.15 Tribot Triad Enterprises
Rating: 5

If you mean the one with all the little seeker guys, the pit, and the trampoline, just jump down, grab the health (it will give you over 100 HP), the keep bouncing on the trampoline until you (thanks to a bug) fly through the floor and up onto the ledge where the door is.

Okay, my account got inexplicably deleted, but here is what I think about my own game:

==Graphics: 6 out of 10==
Most of Psychoid has a certain level of graphic consistency (and the random photos blend in okay), but the textboxes are badly scaled and, well, they suck. The particles are rather nice (I must say), but the first boss was the only one to have a rain of star-particles after you beat him. Graphics weren't my forte back then, okay?

==Sounds: 4 out of 10==
The music was nice, but all of it was from various Megaman games (not that there's anything wrong with Megaman). I recorded the voices myself (and they're okay), but if you, say, get hurt 10 times in a row, or shoot the first boss continuously, the sounds pile up and get really obnoxious.

==Gameplay: 5 out of 10==
I can beat this game in about 20 mintues (just because I made it), but everyone else hates it because of all the little bugs that make playing this game so hard. Psychoid has okay platforming mechanics (and the levels are made in such a way that you often use those mechanics), and a couple enemies are very satisfying to kill (a feature I am exploiting in Psychoid 2). The help file on the menu really sucks, the intro doesn't have the TTE logo in it, the dialogue is stupid and uses way too much chat slang, and several levels are designed in such a way that the only way to be completely sure of where you're going it to have made the game, but other than that, Psychoid is a nice way to kill time. Think of it as Virus Attack with a TTE twist.

==Overall: A FIVE!==
Psychoid is by no means my best game. Beat it once, beat it twice in 20 minutes, then leave it alone for all of eternity. I never developed the characters (the protagonist's NAME is Psychoid, by the way, and he was formed when the brain was lobotomised). There are several bugs which make gameplay frustrating at certain points, but it is completely possible to beat the game without encountering any of them. My advice: wait a year or so for Psychoid 2. It will be about 500 times better.

So... yeah.
2005.12.04 Fitz_of_BFGamerz
Rating: --

This is wierd, I can't beat one of the levels just after the flying spleen.
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