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Game Maker Games - Planet X
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Review by Yellow Monkey
Planet X is a prime example of the classic case where a game has a great premise, but a lackluster execution.

In Planet X you take the role of a red trooper in Earth’s army, where you must repel a Neptcrunian invasion. You have a wide arsenal of weaponry from rocket launchers to assault rifles to swords, and even two vehicles. Some weapons can be duel wielded, giving you twice the firepower, or an interesting combo.

The actual balance of the weapons leaves much to be desired. The assault rifle has far to little ammo to be of much use unless you’re dealing with just a small group of enemies, the sniper rifle and the alien SMG fires far too slowly to be worth picking up, and the shield is just plain worthless. Likewise some weapons (the rocket launcher and the sword especially), are simply broken. Something that especially annoyed me was that after going through a level, building up a powerful arsenal of weapons, I would start over with the default shotgun and assault rifle when I went to the next level.

The level design is simply uninspired, complete with unnecessary blocks that seperate areas of a level, some of which would teleport you to the other side, others would disappear in an ugly looking fashion if you touched them. In fact a lot the graphics were pretty bad. Bad because they didn’t match each other. You would have a detailed player sprite; complete with sub-standard shading, on top of a plain, one-color background. The animations were also poorly done, with walk cycles that would jump from one frame to the next.

The sounds are quite forgettable. They fit well enough, but are quite distilled and flat. It would be nice to have a greater variety of sounds, and for the sounds to not be so generic. The music parallels the game, with most of it being repetitive techno or bad hip-hop. Its kind of nice that it’s in mod format though, as that saves some space.

But there is one huge, gapping flaw in this whole jumble, and that is how unplayable the whole game is. Buggy is quite the understatement. Some guns force the arm out of your poor guy’s sockets, sometimes he refuses to respond and keeps going a certain direction or performing a particular action. There's also the soon-to-be-infamous jeep bug, where the trooper just decides to fall through the jeep to infinity. And don’t get me started on how messed up the AI is. The enemies would much rather hump the wall instead of coming after you as bullets (sometimes) tear through their skin.

In short, this game has a lot of potential, and a lot of great ideas, unfortunately none of them are executed very well in this bug-ridden heap that some call a game.

The Creator Wrote:
Planet X is a violent platformer game. You are The Earths Red general, Neptcrune blows up and the Neptcrunians must find a new planet. They try to take over Earth, you must stop them in this fun game with cars, jetskis and loads more.

This game was made by motron games
(Mainly: stevenup7002, YGgamer, Tedfuzz and ellfaz)
This clan was made on gmclans (http://www.gmclans.com/)

Download Planet X (EXE, ~5.39 MB , Content caution )

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Opinions about Planet X

Overall: not recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.04 xtrememuffinman
Rating: 1

Wow!Probably the worst gm game ive ever seen.I'd find a glitch about every 5 seconds.The enemies were so dumb,your allied soldiers seemed more like enemies(i never died againt an enemy,only my idiot team mates firing rockets at me).The graphics were O.K.,but for some reason my guys arm would dissapear,and when it did show up it seemed to have no bones.The music was quite awful,and the jeep was the biggest piece of crap ive ever seen.I'd go right threw the floor and my top half would be flying in the middle of nowhere.Id ride up walls and occasionally go threw some.Touch ammo and errors would appear.This game was just awful.
-23946/10,but the lowest it goes is one,so ill stick with that.
2006.05.07 stevenup7002
Rating: --

I made a big bug fix! Download now and play freely!
2006.04.22 Jessekrs123
Rating: 1

woww, this game reallyy made me angry, everytime i died, nothing happened, this has to be one of the worst cool games with 03985023850984360384690832 bugs in it, maybe if u fixed it it would be better
2005.12.27 Dark Krim
Rating: 3

I don't know why, but this game was strangley addicting to me, but then I got sick of all the bugs, the level with around1000000000 guys, your allies shooting you, and other junk I just gave up. What was up with the level where you can just walk to the exit with no trouble, but if you go there other way there's enemies?
2005.12.13 Hugzmeister Games
Rating: 10

The game started up. Classy intro, awesome music, cool but simple menu. When I played the tutorial, I was amazed at how cool some of the weapons were. Even with no alien cannon fodder standing in front of me, it was actually quite satisfying blasting the shells out of that turret.The sword was the awesomest close combat I have ever seen in a gm game, and even though it may have been caused by glitches, the sheild blocking only SOME of the bullets was good, therefore preventing the sheild from being ultimate and making you completely invincible. The duel weilding was also very cool.
Again this game can be extremely satisfying, like slashing at hordes of aliens and seeing yellow blood spurt everywhere, or pumping them full of lead. Like tedfuzz said(although I hate i when people review their own game), the car physics were the best I have ever seen in a gm game, and the jet ski was a bit pointless but cool. The sliding bugs that most of you were whining about did npt really affect gameplay, just made it look a little unproffesional. Although the most annoying glitch was the jeep. Falling through the floor, every single time you get in. And sometimes you needed the jeep to make a jump or get through a certain point.
The collisions with small objects like tables or boxes were also stuffed, but they could be fixed by playing around with the move_to_conact variables. Also, the level detail(not really design) was terrible. Why was there just a block of water sitting there? Why where some of the buildings orange?
And PLEASE, how could you draw such BAD frickin ufos in the ground, and place them liberally around the level???? Theyve even got random lines coming out of them? How much trouble woould it be to fix these TINY things, and make the game a whole lot better????
Please, fix the bugs!!! I REALLY wanna play this game without them. It would be awesome!!!! It would take me less than an hour to fix the huge problems. CMON!!!!
There is so much work put into this game, how could you be let down by these tiny things????

PS fix the alien smg, when you hold it it isnt attached to your body!!! Also, I found myself grenading marines because they actually made the game harder by rocket launchering you!!
I gave this game 10 because of the potential it has
2005.12.12 stevenup7002
Rating: --

You see it was for the GmClans competition. but I'm very angry at the admins there for not telling me when the deadline for it was, however, if you want I can release another version with bugs fixed, just give me a list of bugs that need to be fixed and I'll get on it
2005.12.12 sc(+)pe
Rating: 1

You Want TO kNOw THe BUGs? THen YOu ShOULD reD THE RevIEwS.
2005.12.11 germ404
Rating: 2

The list of bugs I posted a long time ago in the forum

- On startup, and at the beginning of every level, objCred has an error in the key_release event.

- Your arm pops out of joint sometimes when pick up a gun.

- The display needs MAJOR WORK! The numbers plastered everywhere are useless.

- It lags, badly. In an action intesive game, you don't want lag.

- Jumping is VERY sluggish. Have it happen on key press, not key release. Also, it seems a little wierd, like he is floating. He also needs a jumping animation.

- In level 2, why is there GRASS inside a BUILDING? The level design needs INTENSE work. Little blocks everywhere? Why? Give as much attention to the levels as you did to the sprites.

- Grenades should NOT have to manually detonated. Also, the throwing is very slow.

- When trying to dual-wield something, if you already ARE dual wielding, the weapon you already have is stuck to your hand like super glue.

- The intro sounds VERY unproffesional. Don't use too many cliches or the phrase 'a lot.'

- When you hit a wall with the jeep, it jumps just like it would if it were a ramp.

- The jet-ski needs guns, as it is, it is useless.

- Walking is wonky, sometimes he gets stuck walking, and sometimes he won't walk at all. Also, if you are being chased by aliens, you want to go faster than a power-walk. The animation needs work.

- When hitting the ground after jumping, he just bends over, which looks goofy.

- Melee aliens kill you in one hit.

- When firing the pistol, the animation doesn't start until about a second AFTER you have shot.

- How do you switch weapons? He looks like he has a shotgun on his back, but I don't know how to use it.

- Don't use resource pack sounds. Ever.

- Alien corpses tend to get in the way and cover up the aliens you are trying to kill.

- The explosion graphic is pixelated, from the resource pack, and doesn't match anything else.

- Some of the graphics don't match with everything else. For examples, the UFO's. They look like they were done in 4 seconds. Add some shading like everything else.
2005.12.11 stevenup7002
Rating: --

I'd just like to remind you that this took 4 very long months to make, and we kinda rushed it at the end. But seriously, you've gotta pay big credit to YGgamer, the poor guy spent hours of programming and spriting the game.
2005.12.11 sc(+)pe
Rating: 1

and for some reason he couldn't spend an extra day fixing up and toneing all the bugs???
2005.12.11 LostOverThere
Rating: 7

I find it hard to believe that this game got a 3.
Fine, so its no Seiklus, but its just a lower quality Shooter.

The Graphics are avarage, i'd give them a 5.5,10, but the sounds are brillient, 9/10! The gameplay is well, but sometimes the level design isn't great, 6/10.

Overall: 7
2005.12.11 Hugzmeister Games
Rating: --

Looks interesting, looks like a fair bit of work has been put in, despite the bugs, and I wanna try it but please,
2005.07.23 sc(+)pe
Rating: 1

I'm giving it a one cause i cant give it a 0.

Basicaly-Another wannabe HALO game that was rushed at the end and had weak code, and waaay tomany glitches. The Jeep got stuck in the ground too much. I also found myself, on the 1stlevel, useing the jeep and blasting out of the level causeing a failure in game and causeing me to turn off the game. That suked.

Graphics-Some graphics were good, I bet they were twords the beggining, and then the yellow blocks, the ufo, and EVERYTHING ELSE was probably at tghe end cause they were junky and a 3 year old could have made them. Thats a comment to him.

Sounds-overall ok exept the music could have been better. Whenever I loaded a game it kept saying the same thing over and over again. It got me pissed off. VERY PISSED OFF.

Gameplay-I always find myself sling on a floor like it was ice when it was a normal floor, causeing me to die, alot. Then I got stuck crouching, I fell through blocks. And stuff like that.

Storyline- Ok, comeon people, the whole alien thing in UFO's attacking us is getting stale, Another thing rushed. It also didnt help with telling me who the characters were, It just started me out with a shotgun and machienegun and some other guys with rocketlauncers. THEY DONT EVEN SHOOT!

Plus Side- Good people graphics and some good code, not much.

Negitive- What wasn't there.
2005.07.20 radagastBrown
Rating: --

Just going to ask not to use out group in your description. We are really in no way associated with you other than that we are both clans. In other words, don't use our reputation to try and get people to play your game.

It's also sad when a creator of the game reviews it himself, and another creator puts it on his favorites list. I am rather dissapointed. I am not even going to try this game.
2005.07.06 MINE
Rating: 10

This has got to be one of the best games I've ever played. You get a ten(even though it has bugs)
2005.06.29 sirfaron
Rating: 7

I had hoped I found a quality game, and at first I thought I had. I soon realized the graphics and music were to make up for less than stellar gameplay. The reloading took more time than it should have. And in the middle of a gun fight that isnt a good thing. I also didn't like the AI for my 'squad members' at the begining of the game. Instead of waiting to use their weapons they shoot at the wall to kill themselves and practically kill me. Since the music and graphic are better than average I give this game a 6.5
2005.06.17 Vance_Kimiyoshi
Rating: 1

Graphics (4/10):
I'm being generous here. The graphics are alright, but only the sprites. The backgrounds are poor. And blood does not come out like spray paint, it splatters when sliced and oozes when shot, in most cases. The explosions didn't fit with the rest of the graphics and it was quit a pain on the eye when put all together.

Gameplay (1/10):
This is the worst part. Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. You couldn't play through without getting errors and such.
For example, when you tookt he warth- um, I mean 'jeep' and drove over ammo, it would give you an error. Click 'ignore', it moves one frame and gives you another error. All fine and dandy, click ignore, another frame, another error. This keeps going until the 'jeep' stops touching ammo.
Plus, you could go backwards out the level and die. The Jeep would bug up like hell and sometimes you couldn't get out, sometimes you'd go out of the level when it should scroll, not end, and much more. Too much to name, so I'll move on.

Sound (5/10):
Not much to say here.

Overall: One. Entirely unplayable.

Nice try Motron. Now stop trying to make a decent game and make one.
2005.06.11 tedfuzz
Rating: --

Planet X – By Motron Games
Reviewed by - TedFuzz Games

Graphics – The graphics in Planet X were outstanding. All the guns, vehicles, enemies, and other various items were drawn professionally. I couldn’t actually believe that MG made them all. Animations are key in a good game. The animations in Planet X were on key exactly with the actions of the objects. Shading gives depth in making a game feel real. I feel as though Motron did good with this. The backgrounds in the game were awesome and the parallax scrolling of them added to their amazing effects. This game’s graphics fit nearly perfect with the gameplay. (9/10)

Gameplay – The gameplay in Planet X was fun and perfect for an action-packed platformer. There were many guns and the bullets went perfectly with them. The guns were lined up with the player and had no bugs as far as shooting towards the right spot. When a bullet had a collision with an object, the events were properly executed. The grenades rocked. They had gravity and a power meter that added great effects. The jeep was amazing. This was the best car physics I have ever seen in a GM game. But the only thing that was wrong was the player getting stuck on walls. Other than that this game had great gameplay that went perfectly with the storyline. (8/10)

Music and SFX - Where do I start? This game’s sounds were truly brilliant. I couldn’t have heard better for a game of these qualities. The mod music was a smart move on the creator’s part. These mods saved so much file size, yet sounded brilliant and went along with the gameplay. The actual sounds (like guns, cars, bombs, etc) were just as outstanding as the music. (10/10)

My overall rating of Planet X - (8.5/10)


Wanna get your game reviewed?
Email us at tedfuzz@gmail.com
2005.06.11 PJizzle
Rating: 7

Doesnt it say you helped make the game? So why did you rate it? Anyways:

Graphics 6.5/10 - The graphics were ok, but the backgrounds seem plain, and the blocks werent that good. But the main character/bad guys/weapons/vehicles were nice.

Music/Sounds 7/10 - There were nice sfx and the music didnt distract from the gameplay, although it wasnt that great.

Gameplay 6.5/10 - He seemed to walk slow to the right, he disappeared completely when i was in the skijet and took it to land and hit the jeep, and when i died nothing happened; it didnt restart...But it was fun to have a bunch of weapons and vehicles.

Overall 7/10
2005.06.11 stevenup7002
Rating: --

There are a few bugs in this game, but we will fix them now
2005.06.11 tjg92
Rating: --

Well it ran non-good on my comp so i deleted earlier than i would have liked. I don't think i can give it a fair review. But the comp I used dosen't exactly have a good graphics card. So yeah...
Maybe someday I can play this.
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