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Game Maker Games - Pilot
Review by Malaika
The "Avoid the Obstacles" genre is becoming quite popular these days. Such a simple idea brings in swarms of eager GMers, all bent on... Destroying the genre by littering it with buggy games. Fortunately for the world, Eric Burgess isn't about to stand around and let this happen! Pilot is a very simple game, with a few nice features that almost set it apart form the rest of the genre.

The basic idea of the game is simple. Pilot your little ship, using the arrow keys, through oncoming asteroids and metal... things. Using the space bar, you can shrink your size, making it easier to avoid obstacles while reducing points. The interesting part comes when you get too close to the hurtling debris. Upon a near-miss extra points are awarded, adding an exciting and dangerous aspect to the game.

The game visuals are simple, but very nicely drawn. They appear to be made using a FLASH program, giving the whole game an internet-game feel. There isn't a great deal of variety, but there are no collision-checking issues I saw, and they generally work very well.

Sound is also quite good. Although very limited, it isn't intrusive. Perfect for a quick game in the office without annoying everyone around you. Some background music would have been nice, but we can't have everything, can we?

The biggest problem with Pilot is the lack of interesting things. Although there are a few new and exciting aspects to the game, they aren't enough to separate it enough from other games in the genre, and the graphics and sound are limited. The game was released as a GMD version, so it's easy to follow along yourself and pick up some tips, but the lack of substance makes it seem almost pointless. There is also a problem with the score-upload system. With more graphics, a few more extras, and some background music, it would be a fantastic addition to anyone's office-game list. As it is, it stands as a starting point for the golden age of "Avoid the Obstacle" games.

Thanks Kro$$fire for starting me off there!

Download Pilot (EXE, ~0.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2004.07.29 seangames
Rating: --

very well made, nice graphics and has a cool twist to it as well
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