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Game Maker Games - Passifism
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Review by Jabberwock
Passifism is a short platform game with stylish graphics that requires more thought to play than you might expect. While it lacks polish in some respects, it is overall thoughtfully crafted and subtly creative.

The game has no given premise. You must guide your character through a handful of tightly designed levels, while avoiding all enemies. The game is designed such that there is little room for error - your character can't jump very high or move very quickly in comparison to the height and speed of the enemy, and thus a lot of the gameplay revolves around careful timing. More interesting than that, though, is the precise and purposeful level design; each room requires you to carefully plan out and then even more carefully execute a single series of actions that will get you through each level. In some ways it is like a much more slowly paced Jumper. It's an interesting approach, not one I've really seen elsewhere, and I wouldn't have minded if it had been expanded into a much longer game - at least, if there were a save feature. As it is, it is just short enough not to be daunting.

Though the game is overall rewarding and never too frustrating to keep playing, the extreme precision required of the player can at times be annoying, especially since the game's jumping does not behave in a very familiar way (there is no deceleration, just a sudden change in direction in the air). This, combined with the lack of menu, premise or sound effects, makes the game feel rough around the edges; I think the author could create a great, long, polished game with this style of level design, but this is not that game.

The graphics, as mentioned, are stylish and unique, borrowing from that nice White Stripes motif - red, white, and black (and also grey, in this game). The art is simple but interesting, and I found the animations to be nicely done and effective. I also liked the straightforward white flash upon your death, for some reason. Also as mentioned, there is, unfortunately, no sound.

In general, Passifism feels like something pretty good that could be the beginning of something pretty great. Perhaps the author will expand on what's here in the future; even if not, though, this thing is worth a play.

Download Passifism (EXE, ~2.21 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Passifism

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.02.27 Mooseyfates
Rating: 8

I absolutely love this game. It made me think, and really it is fantastic. It could use sound, but whatever. I listened to my own music.
I got to the Cgeneral or somehting and then I couldn't go abnything. I guess I won...
2009.10.26 F1ak3r
Rating: --

'White Stripes motif'

I'm totally looping Seven Nation Army while I play this. =)
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