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Game Maker Games - Particulation
Particulation by Me
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Review by Malaika
{DS} has really gone all out to make an interesting game with the features in GM 6.1 . Particulation is a rather interesting game, almost like a cross between Snake and Pacman.

Players control a snake-thing, made up of particles. The aim of the game is to eat small snakes to get charged up, then when you have sufficient power, eat big snakes for points. It sounds kind of complex, but the game is simple, and surprisingly hectic. Powerups add to the epileptic light-show, and are quite explosive.

The graphics are where Particulation is really different. The entire game, including the very well-done Gamemaker logo introduction, is made up of different coloured particles. This gives the whole game a smooth appearance yet as mentioned, its a hctic miasma of flashing lights and colourful explosions. Its interesting, to say the least.

The sound is wonderful. The music track is made of small drum loops, which blend together superbly. When you gain a powerup, the loop pattern changes. The whole thing is seamless and ver impressive. Personally, I found the sounds the best part, although the music could get repetitious quickly.

Particulation has rather simple gameplay. Controlling the character can get a little difficult if you don't have the player colour set to 'on', although its 'a little difficult' anyway. If you're into fastpaced snake-style games, this one will float your boat.

I found the whole experience enjoyable, though it quickly became repetitive. Its an eclectic time-waster, and does the job pretty well.

Download Particulation (EXE, ~1.78 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Particulation

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.20 The HammerHead
Rating: --

Say now... Good job. I'd have to say that the gameplay was boring; but hey, the graphics were outstanding. Your menu and score system also seemed very professional. Well done...
2007.05.20 Lucifer
Rating: --

So your natesm@gmail.com interesting game.
2006.04.28 _Player2_
Rating: 10

WOW!!! nice music, particles and graphics!!!
2006.02.01 Hugzmeister Games
Rating: 10

One of the most original gm games I have ever seen. FANTASTIC graphics (all particles, i think?) And the drumbeats were a nice addition to.
Just gets a little confusing somtimes! I think you should have made the player a different colour so it is easier to see. The gameplay could be more addictive, but anyway, I'm giving you a 10 for the sheer originality and polish put into this. Download this game! this is one of those games that is just art.
Fantastic work!
2006.02.01 {DS}
Rating: --

You can set the player to a different color in the options menu, just click on 'Player color' so it turns green. I did that so that the game could maintain it's style, but if players were confused, I figured being able to play the game was more important than its style.
2006.02.01 tjg92
Rating: 9

That was very fun. The readme was done very well... but you made a spelling error :p

This game has tons of style, the drumming fits well. Way better than the demo I think. I also like how you made so many powerups, it takes longer to get boring. The graphics are awesome, but I was getting about 20 FPS :O Good thing you put an option in there for reducing particles.

I also liked the hax, >:( works way better in this version :D

Anyway, this really does seem pretty proffesional. I would suggest an online highscore list, but since you said you already attempted that I guess there's no point. Good job.
2006.02.01 Ryan-Phoenixan
Rating: 9

Plenty of eye candy. @_@ And the game is actually very original when it comes to gameplay.
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