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Game Maker Games - Pacman Revenge
Pacman Revenge by Arie Hofland
Pacman Revenge is a little minigame i thought up with ricochet-ideas in my mind. Your pacman can shoot the beans you've picked up in the original game (He should have enough by now) and he can disable the ghosts with them. Once a ghost gets hit he'll bounce backwards, and eventually dissapear. However, if he hits another ghost before this happens, both ghosts will bounce, and they can bounce into other ghosts, creating a cascading effect when executed right. The game gets gradually more difficult, but the important part is to have fun bouncing ghosts ^_^

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Overall: indifferent

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2012.10.15 Trogador
Rating: 6

Pacman games in Game Maker have a knack for being these terrible, badly-executed unoriginal messes cooked up by somebody new to the software. On first glance, Pacman Revenge appears to do a good job reminding you of this. Despite the ripped sprites, however, the game is still pretty fun.

Pacman Revenge is a mouse-controlled game where you use the mouse to direct your little red man and fire pellets at oncoming ghosts. When a pellet hits a ghosts, it disables the ghost and sends it flying back. The first few shots are relatively boring, until the game progresses with the score, throwing more and more ghosts into the mix.

Pacman Revenge's "hook" sets in once you get a score a little over 400. Disabled ghosts have a tendency to knock into other ghosts, disabling them as well. Letting a group of ghosts tail you before turning around and shooting one pellet to set them off in a domino effect is surprisingly entertaining.

Unfortunately, the game's hook is also its undoing. The game doesn't know when to cap that escalation, so eventually it gets to a point where you are entirely bombarded by ghosts. While this leads to some catastrophically nice chain reactions, it also makes the game more and more impossible, until finally, your game is over. Another issue to note is that the controls are a little weird, which led to me either turning pacman around and hurling right into a nearby ghost, or clicking outside of the screen, causing the window to lose focus.

As mentioned before, the graphics are mediocre at best, and there's not much on display here except for the gameplay itself, which is a really nice concept. Ditching the Pacman theme, tightening up the gameplay, and adding some sound and music would really make this idea shine.

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