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Game Maker Games - Outbreak
 Outbreak by TheAnemic
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Review by tapeworm
Outbreak is the story of a well-dressed miner named Jack who works on the uninhabited planet Orcus. The uninhabited part doesn't seem to be quite accurate, however, and the area surrounding the mining facility has been infested with something that turns humans into violent mutant monsters. Jack searches for others that have avoided infection, but there don't seem to be many.

The areas that Jack traverses are colorful, cartoonish, and interesting, and different areas have different modes of gameplay. Jack occasionally comes across very large monsters that he must fight, and they are fun to see. The game's music is made up of familiar tunes from other games. They fit well enough, but being so familiar are a little distracting from the game's world.

Outbreak has some amusing details--and some surprising ones, none of which I'll spoil here. I should also note that it's pretty violent in places. The game is also difficult--if you get to the end without any trouble, you're much more skilled than I am.

I like being never quite sure what to expect next in a game, and Outbreak has that quality. Overall, it's a simple but challenging platformer that has nice attention to detail and is worth a look.

Download Outbreak (EXE, ~3.8 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.05.02 biggt
Rating: --


Why do I need to defend my games? You get free entertainment at my expense. This game is free. Get it? You didn't have to pay for it. How old are you...14? Grow up.
2006.05.01 biggt
Rating: --


btw, to anyone who cares. This game was finished in 2004.
2006.05.01 Chocojay
Rating: --

I noticed you commented on the OutBreak fact but still see no defence in the Doom section... Creativity = 0

2006.05.01 deadheat
Rating: --

What do zombies have too do with Doom? Every game that has zombies in is a Doom clone? Once getting a decent way into the game, I find it quite enjoyable. Give it a decent play through before criticising it.
2006.04.30 Chocojay
Rating: 2

The animation isn't to bad but honestly man can you doom rip off? im mean cmon, your face turns bloody and ripped apart when you get hit? Clearly doom music, for the love of gawd make something original before the FBI come and hunt you down for game theft. Would also like to add that the title OutBreak and the fact that there is Zombie looking things in the game makes me think HMmmmm Resident Evil Outbreak much??? Idk im not a gynecologist... NO LSD ;)
2006.04.30 biggt
Rating: --

This game was made long before resident evil outbreak.
2006.04.26 dronal
Rating: 9

great game, i like the green monster thing(boss)
it was cool
2006.04.22 Mooseyfates
Rating: 9

The game pwns. I like the graphics of the huge monsters and such. It's tight dawg.
2006.04.22 coolvin91
Rating: 8

Great job! Definately not easy... the bats are a little too hard for my taste, but the bloody action is awesome! Keep up the good work!!!
2006.04.22 Lava
Rating: 8

I've played this game and it is HIGHLY Recommended!
Worth a download.
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