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Game Maker Games - Ninja | The white rabbit
Ninja | The white rabbit by blackdevil0742
You are a little ninja and you have save Doi'jo Island from evil creatures that have gone amook! --------------------------------------------------- There are 12 levels, 19 monsters including bosses, 4 weapons for you dissposal and a little more. ---------------------------------------------------UPDATE: Newer version with fixes. Higher quality on the music files so the file size is 12x bigger. Smaller file can be found on the website mentioned below. Vista patched exe can also be found on the website ---------------------------------------------------http://blackdevil0742.sitesled.com/ninja/index.html

Download Ninja | The white rabbit (EXE, ~27.3 MB )

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2007.08.12 beam
Rating: 8

I'm really suprised this game isn't more popular, it is a great game although it is unpolished.

The only things I don't like about it are the fact that the jumping feels unnatural (it's high and slow), and that you can't attack while jumping. Everything else was done really well.

I also couldn't figure out how to hit the !-Block in the Jungle 4-4 boss fight, but that has nothing to do with the rating really.
2006.05.02 RICANJO
Rating: 10

I love this game. I can remember it in the forums a while ago, and I knew it'd go far.
Well done, you've done well!
2006.03.22 SuperDylan01
Rating: 3

i try pressing new game.. BUT IT DOESENT WORK!!!
2006.03.04 LunchRush
Rating: 7

Nice little game. I didn't see any errors, except that the view border is too small.
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