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Game Maker Games - Nikki the Ninja
Nikki the Ninja by AVataRR
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Review by Darthlupi

Nikki the Ninja is smart talking, star throwing, katana slicing chick. One day while attempting to teach your young sister the way of the Ninja, the evil Samurai Damio grabs your kid sis and flies off with her.

What do you do? Go after the little twerp, and make the baddies pay.

There is a LOT of profanity and animated blood in this game! There is even brief nudity.

Game Play

The basic premise of the game is to slice and dice you through many grueling levels to rescue your kid sister.

Nikki's controls are fairly simple. You move with the arrow keys and jump with the space bar. To attack you use the mouse buttons. Aiming you ninja stars is also done with the mouse.

Through out the game you will be rewarded with several powerups and weapons to keep you going and make your life easier. They range from giant ninja stars to items that raise your fallen enemies to join you in your quest.

Some weapons even have dual functions. For example, the primary weapon fires ninja stars with the right mouse button and slashes with the left.

Most of the game consists of running, jumping over holes in the ground and fighting off hordes of enemies. There are no real traps or obsticalls, other than the bottomless pits, to overcome in this game. Lots of violence though.

My Thoughts

I felt that this game did exactly what it intended to do, and for that I give it a lot of credit. Making a game turn out the way that you originally intended is not an easy task.

The levels could drag on after a while, but that just gave your the time to revel in the action.

The action was what this game was all about, and dishing the action out was what this game did good. At times half of the screen would be filled with body parts and blood.

The graphics all fit very well, and they looked nice and polished. The only things that really threw me for a loop were the health powerups, the exit keys, and the exits themselves. They looked like they could have used some more attention, but once you got used to the unexpected sprites it was easy to enjoy the rest.

All in all this was a fine game. If you want a nice ninja blood bath romp, then this is your download.

Author's Description

A corrupt Samurai Damio has been going about the countryside kidnapping innocent children for his demented, cultish rituals. With an army of ninja, fire sorcerers, necromancers and other assorted monstrosities, he has little care of who he offends. Now he has kidnapped your little sister, Michelle! :O

Obviously he has no idea who you are.

You are the deadly, ninja warrior, known as Nikki! Cause all sorts of carnage with your katana and shuriken and be showered with the blood and body parts of your enemies! This game aims to be a Kill Bill style blood bath, through and through. RAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Download Nikki the Ninja (EXE, ~7.86 MB , Content warning )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.07.11 smalltime_games
Rating: --

Omg...Brief nudity? I hope it wont be as disturbing as it souds...=
2005.04.20 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

Seems a bit like planet X! Anyway,I liked this game!
2005.04.18 PJizzle
Rating: 8

Ok, very good game.
Graphics - 9.5/10 awesome, love the 3d. Almost perfect.
Music 8/10 Good/great.
Gameplay 6.5/10. I like climbing up the walls, but i didnt like the mouse usage too much, and the level deseign was lacking in some levels. Like a straight line with a million ninjas coming down.
Overall 8/10
2005.03.10 tjg92
Rating: --

This game's hilarious but there are about infinite people attacking at the same time.
2005.02.25 o_0
Rating: 10

I've enjoyed this game since the demos
2005.01.05 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Mmm hmm hmm... sounds a bit like that NES game, Kid Nikki... well, hang on, this thing's takin' a bit to download...
...nope. It ain't coming through. Sorry, a bit too big. Maybe you could make the game smaller? Sorry, but I'm on a rating spree.
2004.12.31 Gazzas
Rating: 8

This game is very fun to play and it has good grafics.
2004.12.30 JackRussel
Rating: --

Forsome reason, millions of ninja with skulls above them came don and started following me, I then couldn't get any further than that. Maybe you left debug setting on or something?
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