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Game Maker Games - New Pacman
New Pacman by Yvrozz
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Review by Mocha Man
Getting new stuff is often a good thing. You're usually happy when saying you got new shoes, or a new haircut, or a new car. Then again, new things can just as often be bad, like when you have a new STD, or a new speeding ticket, or New Pacman. Let me elaborate. Anyone making games with Game Maker will probably remember the Pacman example included with the download. Now, imagine it with redone (read: uglier) levels, a logo, and a menu. Oh, and you can't edit it any more.

Gameplay is nice and slow. It hasn't changed whatsoever from that of the example, except bonuses appear in larger quantities sometimes, and you can't lose. You can get hit by a ghost, which results in the resetting of your position but not the level or your score. Hey, but there aren't any bugs, because it's an example. Wait, yes, yes there are. Ghosts will leave the room sometimes and never come back. Pacman can do that too. It's really wonderful and has a point.


The graphics have worsened slightly since the example because there are little blue boxes for walls instead of a background now. Apart from that, some menu buttons, and a logo, they're exactly the same as Mark's example. Really brilliantly unimpressive, so to speak. Gotta love those menu mouseovers, though. Relatively speaking. Oh and I think I saw a transition somewhere.


Most people know how much I love those gm resource-pack sounds. The ones everyone hears all the time in everything. Can't really blame Yvrozz, though, because they're from the example. I noticed that there's midi music during the logo and menu (adding 20 seconds or so of room load time) but there isn't any music during the actual game. Useful beyond belief.


Replay Value
Well, see, there's this little issue that you can get the exact same gameplay by opening game maker and running an example that lets you see what's going on. I suppose if you're obsessive about that you might want to try some new levels since you obviously can't make some for yourself. Did I mention you can't lose?


Highs: Better than a parking ticket or an STD.
Lows: ALMOST better than a parking ticket or an STD.

Download New Pacman (EXE, ~1.35 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.18 metal-games.co.nr
Rating: 1

what's the point it's just the one you get with gamemaker but it looks bad it would be good if you remade the whole game.
2006.08.18 virus616
Rating: 2

Lotta hatin' going on here so I'm just gonna say meh

Well.... it is a completly playable and okay game, so besides the fact that you didn't do anything except have Mark Overmars make the game for you, I guess it's okay.

uuuuugh!!! I would rant right now but it seems that no matter how many times you tell people not to make game clones, or copy gmd files that are available to learn from (not to use as your own!!), or tell them not to make glitchy, stupid games there just seems to be another n00b popping up, poised and ready to do something stupid.
2006.04.20 lingomaniac
Rating: 2

This is a remake of a GM example. But you at least changed a few things, like adding music, so you get a 2. Not very good.
2006.04.12 _Player2_
Rating: --

i'm not going to download it because people say it's just the exanple with difrant grafics.
dont post games here if you copied thay exmple.
2005.05.03 jstudios
Rating: 3

Now, now ppl most of us have used tutorials for a game b4... well maybe not PacMan but u know...
anyway it's probably his first game.
2005.02.10 Dr_baconman
Rating: 2

What a joke. No, it's less than that because there's no punch line. You could have done itsy-bitsy things to this game to make it not quite as copyright-violating. Change ALL graphics, not just walls. I don't care if you draw an 'M' on Pacman, just change it! Then, be careful with those scripts. Add an event or two that makes the gameplay a bit different, like speed-changers, or something.
2005.02.05 stevenup7002
Rating: 1

If it's your first game it's sort of okay, but if it's your second game no no no, yo used the example so no no no
2005.02.03 TopDog Software
Rating: 1

Oh no you don't! You just took that example that came
with gamemaker and slightly altered the graphics. That is cheating! Now I have cheated too when I made
a 3d maze game but coding yourself is too complicated! I did change the map and textures though!
2004.12.31 Dein_Roland
Rating: 1

Im not an expert or anything but...Its the same game as the tutorial but worse!^.^Now,dont copy tutorials!
2004.10.28 bwbode
Rating: 5

Liked what u made... the game became coller ^^ How ever if u really got all the credit for that game u made a mistake ^^.

People examples can be used or not!?!... ^^ it may be his first game as well...
2004.10.03 PG Games
Rating: 2

This game wasn't as bad as I expected it to be after reading the review. I can't remember the example so I can't compare it, but I guess it's similar.

But one thing I think is unfair is that this game got 3.0 for staff rating when my game Johnny only got 3.8. Don't you think that is unfair when I have my own concept and graphics? IF it were up to me, I think the staff rating for New Pacman should be 1.6 or around that!
2004.09.28 Happyness
Rating: 1

Um.......I think this game is copyrighted, um... so you can't give yourself credit.....
2004.09.06 halofrteak1331
Rating: 1

Ok first of all, you cant use someone elses srrites scripts and idea without giving them credit, or sometimes without permission In the same idea, you gave yourself all the credit, this had to take 5 minutes. Second of all, nobody there was no need to do this, hell, the marc overmarc original version was better than this one that you tried to 'improve'. Just so you know i rated this game a 1.
2004.08.09 timleaf4
Rating: --

Why did you even.......

Never mind. I won't even bother.
2004.07.29 transform100
Rating: --

2004.07.07 Charlo
Rating: --

I could make a better pac-man game in 1 hour...this is really bad.
2004.04.24 necopodalex
Rating: --

umm...dude, don't merge a gm example.
or a tutorial example, like that game, the game
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