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Game Maker Games - Nanozoa
 Nanozoa by LowFuel
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Review by edenb
Nanozoa is a concept game that has you defeating nanobugs in the human body. Essentially though, it is a highly polished 2D shooter.
Nanozoa runs with the precision and master craftsmanship of a Swiss watch; from the initial moment of starting up the game and seeing for the first time an environment of monochromatic colours, until the moment of victory (or defeat), Nanozoa has a professionalism that shines throughout.

The entire world of Nanozoa (as mentioned before) is monochromatic, compromised of blacks and whites that create the overall effect of looking through a microscope, or into a very bizarre fish tank.
Stylistically, and given the nature of the game, this works very well, setting it apart from your generic 2D shooter.

Gameplay entails simply aiming and shooting the nanobugs that come to infest the area you are currently defending, all under the watchful eye of a timer, so if you can survive for a specific amount of time you win the level. As with other games of this sort, your “ammo” is limited, further increasing the challenge.
While aiming and shooting with the mouse is rather simplistic and intuitive, I find it a bit too simplistic, and as a consequence it can become repetitive and slightly dull.

The difficulty curve is fairly smooth, though when you first play the game you will probably die. But sooner or later you’ll get used to the format of the game, and progress easily through the first few levels.

Music is non-existent in this game, however sounds do exist for different events, but one gets the impression that it is the bare minimum. Although the sound that is in the game is appropriate- perhaps sounding like something out of Kubricks’ 2001: a space odyssey. Nevertheless, we must remember this was a game created in 7 days, and it is lucky that we get sounds at all.

Nanozoa is certainly not your average 2D shooter, adorned with urbane graphics that have a quietly understated sophistication , as well as possessing an atmosphere of the surreal very rarely found in games of its type.
Nanozoa also has a decent science fiction-like storyline to go along with it- which is again something not normally found in games that fall into the category of 2D shooters.

But when it really comes down to it, does this intrepid nanobug defeating game have anything that makes you want to keep coming back? My answer is no, the lack of differing gameplay, which is too slow paced and repetitive doesn’t really present a combination that has good replay value. It is fun for a short while though.

While Nanozoa succeeds in creating atmosphere and a wonderful game environment, it fails in providing an experience that I want to come back to, mostly due to its gameplay.
One thing that I stated at the start of this review is the professionalism and quality that this game has, and this was the main highlight for me.
Nanozoa does what it sets out to do in a brilliant way, and shows off the possibilities of Game Maker to a very high level.


What the creator said:
NANOZOA - is a new invention, miracle of modern technologies - miracle of nanotechnology. Dostress Aki Ross submits to secret project in the Marshal's research institute. First of the experimental missions is called "healing human body" - it uses minisized cybernetic nano-microbecalled - Nanozoa. Your objective within the scope of the experiment is to perfectly control nano-microbe and realize cleaning missions in the fair body of dostress Ross.

NANOZOA is developed in registered version of GameMaker, for czech VelkejChytrak competition.
It's was made in one week, just for fun, and to show different style of graphics in GameMaker games.(Check the world under electron microscope, check the textures and blurring background)

Download Nanozoa (EXE, ~9.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.07.22 The Third Man
Rating: 6

It's worth a download for the great presentation and beautiful graphics, but it gets boring WAY too fast. I probably only played the game five minutes before I quit.
2007.01.11 user_ferai
Rating: --

Great rendered graphics. Though the gameplay was a little repetitive and the overall varitey of items and objectives was lacking, I think this is still an above average gamemaker game that is atleast worth the download.
2006.10.08 Rokuji
Rating: 7

Awesome game, i loved the graphics
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