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Game Maker Games - Mr. Bo VS Craposoft
Mr. Bo VS Craposoft by Demon Monkey
Here it is: My First completed game: Mr. Bo Vs Craposoft! This Game goes out to all of you who have ever Bought a "craposoft" Product only to find it's a piece of Crap! To All those how have had their favorite games annihilated by the new X-box! to the guy who can no longer play his favorite games cause the new operating system is incompatible and to anyone anywhere who has ever been ticked off by their PC for even a second! Here it is: Mr. Bo Vs Craposoft!! Game Includes Shoot both Left and Right at the same time! Drop objects on top your enemies Fight Zombies Fight Aliens Fly in a Jet drive a Tank UNLEASH TOTAL INSANITY!! (ps this is the first game i've made please Review) UPDATE: I've fixed all the glithces brought to my attention to date

Download Mr. Bo VS Craposoft (EXE, ~3.59 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.11 Mutt
Rating: 7

Thanks for reviewing me game. You game it's cool to considering what it's firs you game it's realy fun
2006.04.11 demon_monkey
Rating: --

Thank you for reviewing my game :) I put a lot of effort into it
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