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Game Maker Games - Monkeyfish
Review by Mocha Man
Picture this. A wonderfully pixelled human foot is hopping and jumping around a textured isometric slab on top of a gradient-style LSD colored background, while throwing a brown monkey-like fish around in order to smash hordes of sideways floating bugs for points. Imagine the same foot bouncing around on colored spheres in order to gain bonus points before it misses a sphere and hits the ground. Am I on drugs? Maybe I am. But I wasn't when playing Monkeyfish. That's how it really is

Monkeyfish has great, clean, crisp gameplay. When you smash a bug, the sound and graphics are done just right to give a satisfying thwunk sound and bonus. The iso movement is done flawlessly, and nothing glitches around. Your screen will always be alive with strange colorful effects, and probably a flying monkeyfish, which bounces when it hits a bug and can cause large chain reactions before it sticks into the ground for you to retrieve. I never ran into any annoying glitch or misplaced graphical or sound touch-- admirable stuff.


The graphics in this game are difficult to rate. Normally, I would take off for the graphics not seeming to go together, but that is more the style of this game. They certainly weren't bad at all. The game looks good, and vaguely hallucinogenic. Sometimes I felt that the damage bar at the top looked a little tacky compared to the high quality graphics and effects going on elsewhere in the game, and the menu needed more attention, such as an option to view the high score table some time other than after a game over. However, I was generally pleased with the atmosphere the graphics created for this game.


Despite their repetitiveness, the loony sounds in this game don't get annoying, which is a big bonus in an arcade game of this style. They're well chosen and happen right when you expect them, and add a frabjous sort of feel to the gameplay which wouldn't be there otherwise. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have any music during the actual gameplay, a missed opportunity to enhance the playing environment very much. Still, the sound and music doesn't have any negative effect on the game, and the sounds are great.


Replay Value
This game is fun and entertaining just to think about. I doubt games can get much more original, either, so it's not as if there's a competitor doing a better job. I'd play this again, for sure, whether it be to show its ridiculousness to a friend or just for some fun quirky bug smashing. With its smooth gameplay and strong atmosphere, it becomes a keeper right away to most people.


Highs: Flawless gameplay, attractive and original graphics, well defined atmosphere, very original
Lows: Music would be appreciated, and some more attention to GUI

Download Monkeyfish (EXE, ~4.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

Launch Brad Harms (The Music Guy)'s Website

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.10 Joe
Rating: 7

This is a really cool game, but it's hard to master the fish-throwing.
2006.04.24 _Player2_
Rating: 1

gameplay: 1/10
music: n/a (0)
sound: 1
graphics: 5
2006.01.10 Superaj721
Rating: --

When I saw the title of this game, I thought it was weird. When I played the game, I thought it was weird. In this case, weird means a foot carrying and somehow throwing a monkey/fish type thing at floating bugs. But other than that weirdness this game is pretty good. I found no bugs, the graphics are great, and the sound is great too. It's really hard to rate this game because of the weirdness, but I'll just say: Great game!
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