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Game Maker Games - Mnomen: Forgotten Forest
Mnomen: Forgotten Forest by Dorfsquest
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Review by tapeworm
Mnomen: Forgotten Forest is based on the Mnomen series by Tyler Wright. It is a basic platform game with clean and simple hand-drawn graphics, somewhat catchy music, and lots of interesting and strange environmental effects.

This was the first of two (as of this writing) Mnomen fan games by Dorfsquest. In it, you jump and climb through different areas while avoiding enemies. The unique and somewhat abstract graphical effects keep things interesting, but at the same time, the difficulty can get frustrating.

I actually prefer Mnomen: Desert of Mantot to this game, and also to the original Mnomen. I've tried to track down Mnomen 2-4, but so far had no luck.

Download Mnomen: Forgotten Forest (EXE, ~0.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.05 Jabberwock
Rating: 6

I didn't think this was a bad game; the graphics are certainly interesting, and the boss too, though the gameplay isn't all that great. Not that it's entirely worthless - there are a few nice touches to the level design and stuff. Not amazing. But good.
2005.10.24 Eclipto
Rating: 3

Apparently, there are bugs due to shortcuts. After you try to ride the board thing on the mud where one of the creatures have been before, you die. This shows that the sprite is just changing, not the object moving. Also, when you hit the feathers on one of the creatures, the rest of them lose theirs too.(the ones currently on the screen) I think you have it set to 'object____' instead of 'other' This action would have bugs too though.

Speaking of hand made, this game could at least use some 'good' visual effects. Here, 'good' means that the extra effects are pleasant to see, and do not distract the player. Small round green things on the ground spew large amounts of round balls which I believe are mud. Then you walk past several white and green things on the ground, and plants spew up from the ground and block your vision. So does waterfalls as you walk in to some creature that requires you to memorize how to get past its purple.....bullets? Not to mention caking the background with extra features, this games visual effects were not 'good'

And about the gameplay, the engine worked fine because platformer abilities are easy to copy from Mark Overmars' example. The extra features were introduced, and then excessively used, such as a bunch of....storylines in a line(no wonder) of like five or six or more, making it hard to pass by.
Cluttering areas with enemies to increase difficulty is NOT a good idea. adding new enemies(new enemies) is a good idea. Jumper is simple, using only one system which challenges speed, direction, gravity, and many other rules which apply throughout the game.

Replaying this game:
Im not going near this one, if you have the patience to finish this game, I congratulate you.

I give this game a 3 for at least being simple.(Not including excessive use of enemies, and plants which shoot up for no reason, bugs that have no, or little significance like the plants, the green blobs that shoot 'mud' in great amounts, and the bunch of disappearing blocks, plus the long lines of storylines which are hard to get past.)

If you want to learn to make nice background effects and forest themed 'good' graphics, I suggest you play tapeworm's games.(and others')

And by the way, I did not enjoy bouncing off the 'moon like looking enemy'
2005.06.21 Razor
Rating: 3

Jumper is simple. And very fun.
Mnomen is simple. And incredibly boring.
2004.10.12 ruhtrA
Rating: 8

The simplicity to this particular game is what makes it good. And even tho its simple, its also fun.
2004.02.29 jazzuo
Rating: --

To say the first this is first and only mnomen i have played. First of all this is a platformer with no bugs(as ment as a slang) and movement of all is smooth. Next thing is how much has been added to this nice basic and that is the creators imagination.


Vonderfull. I loved it, from its tini tini bricks to large moon like looking enemy, everything is i would say hand made. It all goes greatly together and is absolutely compat. Other thing is the graphik concept, where many things that dont interfier the real gameplay react with harmony, flowers grow where u step and flys fly away when u bother them.

sounds 6

The most of the soundfx is that it doesnt bother u, and actualy there arent very needed. The interactive background does the elaboration job instead of sound. The Music is well chosen but its too repetitive.


as i said there is no bug, the engine is perfectly fine. And nice thing is also that there are someother gameplay then platformer added to some levels, witch really helps the game since it makes the level changes flow.


The game is nice thing to play. The level follows nicely with some breaks from the classic platformer. But its still manly platformer with some nice thing to it.
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