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Game Maker Games - Metroid Redemption
Metroid Redemption by r1ck14
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Review by Beanjo
Metroid Redemption is an original fan game based off of the popular Nintendo series: Metroid. The game stars the bounty hunter Samus Aran, who happens to be a woman. You will play as Samus and explore SR817 for the evidence that will clear her name after the events of Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advanced).

The graphics, music and sounds for Metroid Redemption are taken directly from the original Metroid games. There's not too much to say about that. They of course fit perfectly into the game, and truly make you feel like you're in Nintendo's Metroid universe.

Gameplay wise, the game plays very well. You can basically do everything Metroid is known for. Shoot in eight directions at baddies, duck to avoid obstacles, roll into a ball to get to different areas, upgrade your suit and weapons, and explore the vast area with your map. Basically the whole deal from Super Metroid is in this fan-made game. The exploration aspect of the game is awesome; I find my self getting lost certain times, which is always fun to experience in a game. While exploring you'll even find yourself coming back to the same areas to do another task. The bosses in this game are awesome as well. It takes a lot of strategy to defeat them, and is a lot of fun. The game, like all Metroid games, has its own story, and a pretty basic one at that--clear your name after the events in Metroid Fusion. The story fits the game well, and is the basis of all the action in the game.

I have two complaints about this very well made game. One being the movement on the slopes is a little clunky and not as smooth as I would have liked. Secondly, I think the game could have been a little longer. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of game in this one, but I wanted more!

I love games with lots of exploring and lots of action. This game dishes both out in Metroid style. I highly recommend playing this game; it'll keep you hooked throughout the entire experience. Very well done!

Note: download requires WinRAR or other RAR software.
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Download Metroid Redemption (EXE, ~1.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: 10

Haha like this game, try out my game called journey to hell...you'll like it ppl.
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

WHOAH!!!!!!!!!!!(nice word ergo!)
2006.07.24 MikeLikesIke
Rating: 8

'Whats an .rar?' You need Winrar to open it else you can't.
Nice simple story.
Good Game
2006.06.01 ShrooboidJr.
Rating: --

I downloades it, but it wont open! Whats an .rar!?!?!?!?!?!?! please fix it or tell me. =)
2006.05.19 conalight
Rating: 10

this game is the BEST GAME I'VE PLAYED all though
i'm stuck on the first boss
2005.06.12 gamefanatic
Rating: 8

This game is good nice job now i would like to play some more.
2005.02.15 maverick3332
Rating: 9

if you could remove the white box i would like it better.and you should consider making an exe file.and try adding more levels and some cheat codes
2005.02.02 Tgamer12
Rating: 9

great game, howd u do tha weapon change thing?
2005.01.21 xpisigma
Rating: 7

hey, if you like metroid, why not play General Mustachio?
This game is cool. Nicely made.
2004.08.25 spookymagician
Rating: --

Great Game. I was the one who made Metroid. I had got rid of the download link. But your's was better then mine. But I'm working on Metroid DX. (Remaking Metroid. Old Metroid had a big file size and not real good.)
2004.07.18 Jiggytendo
Rating: --

Wow I can not belive it! Well I could of. I Have never played Metroid games (besides Super Smash Bros.) I Love This Game. This could be one of the top 5 games I played!!! This once in a while I will be a fan of Metroid! Sooner or later I will build one myself! I will play ROMS of Metroid because My cousin and I Have games of Metroid.(That I have never played.)
Then I Could Build the ultimate one!
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