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Game Maker Games - Megabot
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Download Megabot (EXE, ~5.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2005.12.06 Re_jex
Rating: --

yes, definalty a good mega man fan type of thing. not just a clone or something this is good. And the graphics- awe the graphics. so... goood...
2004.11.27 Orionzero
Rating: 10

What is wrong with the intro movie?

Oh yeah, this game was exellent, as my brother said. ;) And I'll also say this, if you win the game you are in for a big suprise. :D
2004.09.26 tribot triad
Rating: 10

THIS GAME ROCKS!! Once u master the controls, it is an extremely challenging, yet fun, game (i'm addicted 2 it). If the intro movie and some of the controls were deleted, I'd say it would be publishable quality (and harder than most gamez out there.) Oh, and Clay, search for Megaman music if you want the music from this game. (Try megaman X, and Megaman 1-6) :-)
2004.06.04 Clay
Rating: --

This is such a cool game that I play it almost every day. The game runs smoothly and has tons of levels-within-levels for extended gameplay. (I once counted 10 levels joined together in the water zone.)The music is great: I don't know how the designer made it!!! It is a oustanding 'near-commercial quality' game that takes days to play. I have not beaten it yet, but as I have been playing it for 3 months the end cannot be far off :] It has I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E graphics and an air of great games of the past. I can easily believe the autor's note that it took six months to complete!!! Two thumbs up!
2004.03.18 MattCreations
Rating: --

This game is pretty fun except that there are so many controls that it is hard to play.
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