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Game Maker Games - Marble Magnet
Marble Magnet by Alf Fly
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Review by Bitmappity
The idea behind a good arcade game is addictive gameplay; one that will steal the quarters from you. Alf-Fly definatley kept this in mind as he created this game. This is a great arcade game that will keep you occupied for quite a while.

In Marble Magnet, there are four "generators", one on each side of the screen. These generators create marbles, not electricity! These marbles which are created are attracted toward the center of the screen, in which lies the Marble Magnet. You can control these marbles, but if they collide with the Marble Magnet, or a marble of a different color, they will cease to move for the rest of the game. Of course, you can't let the screen fill up with too many marbles, or else it's game over. The only way to stop this is to collide your marble with one of the same color, and they will both be destroyed. One of the catches to this game is that the magnet gets stronger each level, increasing the speed at which your marble gets pulled.

The graphics, as expected, are superb. The marbles, and the levels themselves, are very colorful. The particle effects are wonderful too, which showcase explosions very well. I liked the fact that each time you start, you'll get a different, but random level. There are many levels, all of which are nicely drawn and colored. Overall, everything has a nice 3D feel to it.

Sounds, although basic, fit the game well. They were applied in all needed areas. I didn't have any problem with the sounds, although I felt that some of the midis (the background music) chosen were quite annoying. But that's how I usually feel about midis anyway.

The gameplay is a great part about the game. Avoiding other marbles can get tricky sometimes; this isn't some simple game you'll master in minutes (At least, not for me that is...). Of course there are some improvements that could be made. For one, I think the magnet's strength gets increased too slowly. After about 12 levels, it almost seemed the same as the first. Another thing that could have been cool were some powerups, or, pickups. This could have spiced up the game dramatically. I'm no expert on game design, but I'm sure Alf-Fly is, so he could have got creative and added some cool pickups.

Other than that, this game has little flaws. Just about everything else is perfect, so try this gem of a GM game. For those too lazy to read the review:

+ Great, fun gameplay
+ Superb graphics
+ Good, fitting sounds
- Magnet's strength is increased too slowly
- No powerups/pickups/cool extra modes
- This is just me, but sometimes the midis got annoying

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