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Game Maker Games - Madness Labirynth
Madness Labirynth by red_blupi
One hint: do-not-be-mad!

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.09.25 xtreme0ninja
Rating: 8

holy crap thats hard! it was so freaky when i turned around and walked fowards and all the walls changed and the music started. Its way to hard to beat though.
2007.01.17 SFT1
Rating: 1

that game hurts my eyes. type the letter D (capitalized) in Word with the font set to Wingdings. that's my rating.
2006.10.04 kryptoknight
Rating: 2

wow you guys...thats harsh...but dude that hurt my eyes...oh yea and dont annoy people on GMG just make a game...dont say 'im bored so ill give some nerdz a seijure'
2006.03.15 _Player2_
Rating: 1

It's almost enough to give someone a sezure.
Is there any end?
It's horrible.
Compared to Cooking Breakfast 2 it's only an O.K. game.
Atleast you can quit.
2006.01.22 Master of Illusions
Rating: --

Its anoying!!!!!!!!!!
Is there an end?!!!!!!!!!!!
2005.09.12 MINE
Rating: 3

Didn't like it :P. the game had no point.
2005.08.28 DukeSoft GameCreation
Rating: 6

whow dude, im gettin a bit crazy in there! thank u! i hate u! now i have hadicks! (or how the hell u ever write it)
2005.07.30 spaceoff
Rating: 1

You make the biggest pieces of **** the world has ever heard of you know... i hate all ur games they're dead ducks
2005.07.28 Belgianboy
Rating: 1

dude u used that engine of wobe games
lol i would too
btw ur game sucks
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