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Game Maker Games - madness 2: attack of the swedish flags
madness 2: attack of the swedish flags by MST productions ltd
a 3D first person shooter, where you are trapped in a labyrinth, with offensive swedish flags. i do not hate swedish folks, but since i am norwegian their neighbour country i like to make fun of them. i may make fun of my self too because i make the enemys hovering flags :P. it can be a little hard to complete because i'm almost 100% sure that you will kill more flags than neccesary by going the wrong way, and the shotgun is slow to reload. enjoy!

Download madness 2: attack of the swedish flags (EXE, ~1.8 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.12 walter1996
Rating: 1

This game sucks. I live in Sweden. This game was just BORING! Bad idea of using Swedish flags. I don't want to be evil but i can tell everybudy a joke that is often toled in Sweden:
Why did not Jesus born in Norway?
Couse they couldent find 3 vise men!!! Ha-ha!
That was a exaple of a swedish joke.-Walter1996
PS. Spelar du ängsbilljard? (Do you play pool?)
2006.12.10 Joe
Rating: --

That was a terrible game.
2006.10.11 darthguy3
Rating: --

ravaged, you are totally right. i am evil, simply evil a real asshole i am. i like being evil and that's just how i am, so by saying this you hurt my personality. but who cares? someone as evil as me that's makes fun of whole countries, shouldn't feel pity about them self, but the fact is i do. i can't help it because it's me, i judge others without thinking of myself. and a conclution about that kind of behavior is...evil.
i like beig evil because if i didn't like it i wouldn't have been evil. my friends : sven karl andreas fransson is swedish and live in norway he laughs of the game and think it is funny, so mark that not every swedish person d not feel offense. but still evil is not a good behavior, no matter what the situation is, so take my deepest apologize and you too mullinganmaster while i'm still reasonable, and not evil. i will not make any offensive games i just made this one because i haden't enough fantasy to create other enemies. so i'm sorry and let's just say that's ok so we will not have to discuss. my reasonable self is the self most people like. so i hope you now will stop complaining and instead take my apologize so we will not have to be enemies.

sincerely me!
2006.10.10 Ravaged
Rating: --

I hoped that Gm would help us get along, but no. I'm american, and I would find it ofensive for someone to make fun of my country. Think about how all the swedish gamemakers must feel right now. Your just plain evil darthguy3. mulliganmaster is right. The examples are made so you can learn off them, not steal them. And none of us are geting into your business, your letting us in. Remember, the internet is;nt privite. Thousands of people are probably reading this.
2006.10.09 darthguy3
Rating: 10

anything more, momy?

NOTE: i rated my game 10. and what are you going to do about it? nothing because it's my desition and not yours not just stop interfering in others business.

but if you want to play momy fine for me but first you should fine someone that want you to comment what i do instead of commenting the game(momy)
2006.10.08 darthguy3
Rating: 6

please note tahat that the only thing i haven't edited is the wall textures. everything else in the game is my own wotk wich i made with mark overmars fps tutorial. by the way if it takes 1 minute to respond that's not the games fault it's just your computer that sucks
2006.10.08 Ravaged
Rating: --

If you made it off of mark's tutorial, then It isn't your work, you have to do more than just edit the shotgun sprite and tweak the level design, and It's not the fact that It ran slow slow for me, It's the fact that your to lazzy to build your own game.
2006.10.08 Ravaged
Rating: --

Oh, and I just noticed, you rated your own game. NEVER rate your own game. It won't make people think It's good. Of course your going to think it's good, you made it!
2006.10.08 mulliganmaster
Rating: 1

First off, I am swedish and yes I do take offence to direct attacks against my country. PLUS your game just sucks since it is a direct rip-off. I've done some re-writes, but I stated that they was in my desc. and I released them as FanWare, not my own work... Grow up and give credit where credit is due... Also stop giving yourself a rate, it is insulting to the rest of us...
2006.10.07 Ravaged
Rating: 1

No offense, but this game sucks. First off, It's a ripoff of mark's fps example (like we need any more of those). Secondly, the game is slow. I had to wait about 1 min. after I pressed a key to get a response. Please try better next time.

2006.10.05 darthguy3
Rating: --

did you try the game? if you did what did you think about it was it cool? sick? absurd? i think it's pretty hilarious, !hovering flags!
2006.10.04 game_devil
Rating: --

I are from sweden and we make jokes of your land.
And you make jokes of my.Can you talk swedish?
2006.10.04 game_devil
Rating: --

Pm me if you can talk swedish.
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