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Game Maker Games - Looking 4 Loot
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Review by Mocha Man
The very first thing I felt was worth mentioning is that this game uses an installer that makes it a lot of trouble to put the game on your computer and forces you to add shortcuts to your start menu. The game itself is hard to describe-- imagine minesweeper, with gems and cash and keys hidden in the area as well as bombs, and instead of clicking freely on the field you move a character through using the arrow keys. Your goal is to retrieve the key and pick up bonus items without hitting a bomb.

Certain aspects of the gameplay are well done, such as something that can generate a level with bombs placed such that there's always a clear route to the collectables, and a set of self-drawing countdown numbers before a level starts. Other parts are bland and kind of boring, such as the way there's almost nothing animated onscreen other than the hearts in the stat bar or the particles when you grab a collectable. When you press an arrow key, the character (I'm not sure exactly what it is) just appears uneventfully on the adjacent grid square, so there isn't much room for bugs when it comes to collisions. This game is another example of bugfree gameplay due partly to the lack of much happening.

Despite the almost screenshot-like static-ness of this game, the graphics are very busy because almost everything is made up of several smaller blocks, gems, or other tiling icons. Happy as I am that they are all original and 3d-rendered, I was disappointed with the use of space and the readability of almost everything. Things take a lot more effort than they should to read or see just because there's so much contrast between every little element. While these graphics are far from bad, looking at the game for too long gave me a headache. There are graphical options that may make it tolerable for some people, but I didn't feel any improvement.

I'm not sure what to make of the music. It's a paranoid-sounding Fruity Loops track with a lot of empty space and a strange solo melody that's almost atonal. I wouldn't call it annoying, but I would have preferred something more relaxed and less forced. Sfx here are well done and no further work is needed in that area.

Overall I was not compelled to play Looking 4 Loot again, because roaming blindly around a grid hoping I run into a key and squinting to see what the writing actually says while listening to a gulpy FL preset just doesn't appeal to me. I am, however, very happy to see a game with 100% original resources, and I think this game's concept has potential to go a lot further if the author so decides to take it there in a sequel.

Highs: Original everything, bugfree (while simple) gameplay, decent sfx work
Lows: Hard-to-look-at graphics, somewhat boring gameplay, unneeded installer

Download Looking 4 Loot (EXE, ~1.43 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2004.09.03 Built4U Games
Rating: --

Just thought I would mention that you can change the colors of everything in the options menu so it's not so hard on the eyes. Lots of options.
2004.08.28 Fuzzle
Rating: --

Awesome game! I wish my first game was this good. =o
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