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Game Maker Games - Look Out!
Look Out! by xkirby
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Review by Mocha Man
Look Out! is a fast-paced arcade minigame in which you must avoid rapidly falling icicles for as long as possible to aim for a high score.

Simple as the gameplay is, the stick figure does in fact move left and right without any bugs, and the icicles fall smoothly to the ground without much protest. My main complaint is the general lack of gameplay. The character moves left, the character moves right, and icicles fall. No powerups, other hazards, bonuses. The icicles get more numerous. What it really lacks is polish- no terrain, no convenient menu, not even room transitions at least. So, the gameplay is bugfree, although a little lacking in the 'being there' region.


I really enjoyed the fading rotating particle effect when the icicles shatter against the ground- I actually spent my time watching them instead of that stick figure and ended up dying. Yes. Stick figure it is. The walking animation is a slight rotation of the arms. Icicles are a blue triangle. The background is a default grey, the loading bar is Game Maker default, white menu, black text, grey highscore table. And friggin cool little fadey rotatey things that fly up when an icicle breaks. At least they're all original and match.


The hyper drum banging riddelin midi that whirls away in the background makes me seem pleasantly violent for some reason. But I wouldn't say it's annoying. It definitely succeeds in creating a frantic sense in the game, if a little ADD-ified. The sound effects in this game, however, get old the first time you hear them, probably because there are a total of two being played over and over again, and they're straight from the gm resource packs. The author was merciful enough to have them turned off by default. Considering the amount of gameplay, I wouldn't say this game is lacking as far as sound-- it just needs different sounds.


Replay Value
This game actually left me wanting to beat my score. Despite a gameplay absence and bland ugliness most of the time, it's fun to play again. To a certain extent. Don't let the music get to you.


Highs: Virtually bugfree gameplay, weirdly energetic music
Lows: Gameplay needs to exist for bugfree to mean anything, graphics without effort, weirdly energetic music

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.05.29 AquaticPenguin
Rating: 4

My first score 598 (woooo!)

I like it despite the some what bad graphics and I love the particle effect when the icicles hit the ground. I dunno why but it has a good "feel" to it and gets 4/10 because it is simple yet effective but could do with more work
2004.06.24 ZexusZP
Rating: --

This game is fun if you compete against a friend to see who has a higher rank...but that's about as far as the fun goes...not bad game...(ZP Score 4 out of 10 )
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