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Game Maker Games - Lonely Vietnam 3
Lonely Vietnam 3 by Jazzuo
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description

LV3 is a this first of the Lonely Vietnam series that does not take place on the ground. In this incarnation you take to the skies dropping bombs on the enemy.

Game Mechanics

You fly a single engine airplane equiped with machine guns and bombs. You must first take off with your airplane and then survive for as long as you can dropping bombs on the enemy while they try to build up there defenses by creating anti-aircraft missle installations. There is no end. You just try to survive for as long as you can by collection gas and extra bombs.

My thoughts

LV3 is an interesting addition to the series because you now take on the battle to the enemy that you were fighting in the first two games. Alot of people were angered by the voice acting in the first two, the fact that the game was about a sensitive subject, and that there were no extra lives. Well there are no extra lives in war kids. I think for what the author was trying to get acrossed to us he did a good job, and he made it fun at the same time. The game play was tight, but like all Jazzuo games polish was a bit lacking. I loved it though. Great game.

Download Lonely Vietnam 3 (EXE, ~1.5 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2004.11.30 hammer
Rating: 8

Yes, i agree, i like the game a lot, but the menu could have had a little work done to it.
2004.11.26 GameFreak
Rating: 9

Really good game. It would have been better though if he had made the menu and instructions better.
2004.06.13 LostPenguin
Rating: --

The overall presentation of the game was pretty poor, but the animations of the plane and sound were awesome. it is one of the only GM games in which you can move in 3 dimentions. You can move around 360 degrees, as well as control the planes pitch.
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